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Soldering Techniques for Airsoft


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The smell of solder takes me back to school; i was at soldering circuit boards but i loved to melt that sruff down and huff that cola type smell...now im grown (if not matured), im wondering about other applications for solder. I dont need to stick anything but


Id like my ak to have a smooth stainless steel finish; Ive tried mettalic paints without success. So i guess my question is what could i melt down to get that, can it be done, and how would Iapply it evenly? I have access to pure some alloys and metals anx of course respiration gear

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Oh right bit vague there. Nah not the tin , but a proper metal; got access to metals and alloya inc titanium steel iron copper brass well just metal really.


I want to learn to do this as one day i hope to sell hand built, tuned and finished airsoft guns; so i diy any work to learn; I do thijgs the hardest way to achieve that, finishing is a major part of it. Fort Nelson have just accepted me as a volujteer- Ill learn about restoring which im bloody psyched about. I mean if a centuries old chines cannon can be restored to its former glory, there must be a way to make the triangular ak stock look a bit more reinf9rced and well not like scrap metal.

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