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Rosemead, CA – August 01, 2008 – KWA USA today introduced two new gas blow back pistols, the M9 Tactical PTP and the M1911DS PTP. Expanding the successful professional training series line-up.


Developed in consultation with top tactical trainers, the new models feature the KWA NS2 gas system to deliver powerful blow back action that adds realism to any firearm training. The safety mechanism on each of the models is faithfully replicated to insure safety principles can be incorporated into training exercises. Basic field servicing of the models is accurate to their firearm counterparts. To help develop muscle memory, every PTP model is weight balanced to duplicate the actual weight of a firearm with a fully loaded magazine.


M9 Tactical PTP


The new M9 Tactical PTP has all the features found on the standard M9 PTP with the addition of MIL-SPEC-1913 (Pictanny) rails that enables quick attachment of tactical lights and laser devices. The slide and frame are constructed from high quality alloy steel machined to precision tolerances. High impact polymer is used for the construction of the outer barrel because of its impact resistance property and self-lubricating feature.




The M1911DS PTP is the high capacity version of the standard M1911A1. The slide is machined alloy metal with front and rear serrations. The frame is constructed of metal alloy with integrated high impact polymer grip. Special features include MIL-SPEC-1913 (Pictanny) rails, ambidextrous thumb safety, beavertail grip safety, skeletonized hammer and trigger. Every detail and function is replicated to give the operator a realistic experience.


The KWA M9 Tactical PTP and M1911DS PTP will be available in the US by mid August of 2008 and will only be sold through KWA USA Authorized Resellers. Manufacture suggested retail price for both the M9 Tactical PTP and the M1911DS PTP is $249.95 each. The actual retail price may vary by Dealer. All KWA products come with a 45 days warranty.



KWA USA is the exclusive North America importer and master distributor for KWA products. Based in San Gabriel Valley, California, KWA USA is dedicated in providing high performance products and exceptional services to the North American airsoft industry.


For information: http://www.kwausa.com

Contact: sales@kwausa.com

Phone: 1-626-453-8373


They look nice, but $250 each? What's up with that? It must be a higher end of the PTP line. Personally I dont trust ASGI to chrono anything, once someone gets it and say 400 FPS I'll believe it.


It's about time KWA made a double stacker, I always wondered why they didnt make one sooner.

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It is funny with all the training weapon systems coming out now... the standard airsoft systems already available are more then adequate.


In the academy, one of our range masters, a salty ex-armorer for Hayward PD, brought in a stock KWA G17. We used it to train on drawing and firing while moving against a charging attacker with a knife. That was plenty.


That was a fun day.

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I guess what previously available was adequate enough for training, but the great things about these "training weapon systems" that are coming out is that they add previous realistic functionality or features that couldn't be found in other replicas making them more appealing to the market sector that doesn't have access to the real deal.


I have to wait until late next month at the earliest before I can legally buy a pistol. In addition to that, I'll need a buttload of money for fees, classes, licenses, and all that other retarded stuff. With something like the new System 7 guns, or the Systema Trainers, I can buy a replica with the highest degree of realism without all the red tape and money associated with real steel firearms.

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Professional instructors have used Airsoft guns for certain kinds of training for quite some time already. It's just that they have to be sold as "training weapons" to reach a wider audience. Same stuff, different name is how I see it. Call it what you want, but these "training weapons" don't really offer anything over an "airsoft gun" for the sake of the excercises - though the KWA PTP series do seem like very good products, so they aren't a bad choice to be labeled as training weapons.


With the M9 the working decocker may be a useful detail, but it's been available for ages in the original KSC M9 as well as the WA M9.



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I think you guys are missing that KSC/KWA has brought back an old product and made it full metal for a decent price (the $165 airsoft GI one anyway). The STI Eagle series hasn't been talked about much, and i'm guessing that's what the "1911DS" is, so this could be good.

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The KWA m9 PTP is DEFECTIVE for this reason:


The Mags are all weak in as far as the thin rails that hold the mag base plate onto the mag. These two micro thin ridges are all that hold the plate onto the mag. These edges are very small and snap off with very little use. After less than 1 hour of basic practice on one and less than 10 reloads on both others, all three mags have failed in exactly the same place. Once the plate falls off the mag will become stuck in the magwell to the point where a tool must be used to dislodge it and remove it from the pistol.


Now this is just target practice, no speed reloads combat based scenarios or field play. just simple target practice in class.


The Fit and finish of this pistol are very nice but this one weakness will very quickly render your expensive "training" pistol inopperable.


As much as I need this pistol to work specifically for training. It is completely unreliable as it is. Until an after market mag or some retooling of the current mags (small screw on the bottom to screw the plate directly to the mag would do it) it is an extremely unreliable training aid.


Word to the wise.

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