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Colour Comparison Guide

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This was supposed to be the ‘definitive colour comparison guide’. I know there is already a well-known gear manufacturer that has a colours page. Its not bad, but obviously not enough people refer to it, or maybe it doesn’t exactly address the questions that most people here ask.

Either way, it was going to be real slick; tripod, possibly my Cannon EOS 450, a few hours with good degree of natural light, not to mention lots of gear in various colours / camouflage patterns and commentary. What this actually turned into was a few free minutes, a semi overcast day and my old X60. While not 100% pleased with the results, I feel they are adequate… for now. As soon as I find the time and have all my gear to hand I will post more extensive photos with more accurate representation of colours. For now this comparison has been narrowed down to some ACU, Tadgear Jackets (RH/SS) in ME Green and (SS) DF Grey, CADPAT, and a PCU Level 5 Alpha Green jacket. Gives you a rough idead of what the colours actually look like compared against similar colours.

This should hopefully address some of the posts I’ve been seeing regarding ‘how would this look with…’.

Feel free to add your own colour comparisons... if this works out well, it'll be one project I can scratch of my list.






















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I agree. It would be nice to see sopme of the other more common camo types (i.e. woodland, desert, MARPAT, etc.)


But nice work. I like the layout and think others should replicate what you have done when adding comparisons to this thread

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I actually had a similar idea last year. Never got around to doing it mind you, but I took some photos showing comparison of various shades of OD against.. US Woodland, I think. I'll upload them tonight when I get home :)

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Taken on a slightly dull day with no flash


1. Pantac Coyote Brown

2. 5. 7. Pantac khaki

3. Blackhawk Coyote Tan

4. Bulle Coyote Brown

6. DIY Tactical Coyote Brown

8. Krylon Medium Brown

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Okay so I took a bunch of photos this afternoon including side-by-side comparison pics but although it was bright, there was a bit too much glare so it's hard to tell the colours apart out of the shade. I only thought to move the rig in the shade at the end. If anyone wants to see those pics, I can upload them as well.


Up for comparison are Paraclete Coyote Brown, Guarder Brown (which is impressively, 95% like Paraclete's offering), SDS Coyote Brown, Proud Coyote Brown and Tactical Tailor's Tan. Annoyingly, of the two pouches I was looking to replace through eBay (Guarder and Proud) with the Paraclete versions, the one that I don't really need to replace (Guarder) was the one I managed to get. The replacement for the fairly nasty Proud version was pulled before the auction ended :( It's worth noting that the cordua material used in Proud's Coyote Brown is an okay-ish colour compared to Paraclete. A little dark, but okay. It's the strange, purple/brown webbing that really lets it down and that's why I took a picture of the back of the Proud pouch rather than the front.


Taken with Flash:



Taken without Flash:


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Handy trick I learnt when working in theatre wardrobe.

If you visit your local model store and pick up a Vallejo model colour chart they have a load of shades you can use to match when digging through surplus stores etc. Fits right in your pocket and has space for notes.

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