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Fairness has nothing to do with it, and considering Marcus's quite obvious extensive knowledge of gbb's and that he has built many custom versions, I think I would take more note of his review personally...... :mellow:

Comparing a stock TM to a bunch of full metal upgraded WAs? That's hardly fair.

Obvious extensive knowledge of custom WAs, sure... but also consider his lack of knowledge of non-WA GBBs, he says it's his second non-WA ever.

He calls it brittle. TM GBBs are anything but.

He calls it flimsy and light. Well, that's how the plastic in TM GBBs feels, it's not made to feel heavy or cool to the touch, but in fact the material is tough as hell.

He achieves 5" groupings at 5 meters. Something is not done right...


Still, Marcus' review is interesting (and the pics are great), as it shows why a WA specialist will always be disappointed in a non-WA.


Like me, I got easily disappointed by the few WAs I've had, because they're so fiddly and high-maintenance. I'm sure an expert in WAs would've had a different (positive) experience with them.


Oh noes!!! Two different people have different views of the same gun!!!


Maybe both are right, but reflect different requirements from a gun?



True dat :D

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You have a point Utty and we are probably having different experiences. I've had as many TM's as WA's and have always been less than impressed with the TM's.


We'll just have to agree to disagree............ ;)

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