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I have finally installed the hopup rubber, and it seems to be working great. I did the coke can test, and it basically shredded trough all sides. Even across the top of the can. Yikes! And I have not touched the bolt yet (It looks to be about half up). I need to buy some heavier bbs now :/


I'll report back as soon as I get my hands on some targets and a chrono. Its dark outside right now, so I won't be testing more today.

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Okay, i have one of these, bought it from gunner a couple of weeks ago. I have previously owned a TW M700, ages ago, pre-PCS bolt days.


I'll clear some stuff up, because at the moment i frankly don't think the above posts give a very accurate representation of the gun, or at least nothing like the one i got.


I'll start with saying cosmetically the build is excellent, apart from the silly misalignment of the Remington trades. It feels every bit as good as my TW did, make no mistake about this. Mags aren't bad either, i bought 3 with the gun. I had a slight leak in one, but i think it was just a bit of grit stuck in the valve.


Anyway, i did some of the usual chrono testing, out of the box. I was getting a ten shot average of 440fps on 0.20g BB's. At this 'fps' it was throwing the BB a fair old distance. I would say 60+ meters but with zero degree of accuracy - hence the use of the word '' throwing '' to describe it :P After ages tweaking with the PCS, i managed to achieve a little under 500 fpsover a ten shot average. However, i did notice that it didn't stay this way for long, the fps settled in to a more consistant 470 after several mags. I can't explain this behaviour, perhaps someone might have a suggestion? Anyway, with this i proceeded to test the gun's range/accuracy, albeit somewhat crudely; i got my brother to stand some 50 meters away. Stationary...and shot him. 7/10 shots hit him, somewhere about the torso. No real consistency, no point even mentioning the groupings. I should note that this ''test'' was carried out in Scottish weather, it can't have been more than 15 degrees outside.


Stock, the hop is nothing short of terrible - well of course its an EXACT clone of the Tanaka! :P But, if it is possible, it has a ###### bucking. So thin you could almost bloody spit through it. Anyway, it shred itself soon enough. Not to worry though, i wouldn't have actually left it in for much longer anyway.


I bought a 6.03mm PSG-1 650mm TB I also bought a 2ROY hop up from 8zero8. Spent a night fitting both parts and put a stock VSR bucking in the 2ROY - I have a firefly, but they apparently don't agree very well with the 2Roy conversion kits. A nineball is getting ordered.


So, after all this i will conclude. I skirmished the gun last weekend, running it on propane. I wasn't getting any uniformity in the fps readings, anywhere from 440 to 470 fps on 0.2's Must have been no more than 18 degrees outside though :( I think if we were blessed with better weather, the gun probably could fire around 560 fps with the PCS max, but i don't honestly think it could hit a barn door at that kinda power. Not stock anyway. I was skirmishing with SGM's , didn't chrono the gun with those. I spent a while setting the hop. Couldn't yield great results as far as a 'straight' trajectory was concerned. Perhaps something to do with the stock VSR rubber. I could hit a man sized target at 60-70ish meters if i was lucky (couldn't exactly measure the distance, it was on the field during a game) There was no real consistency about the gun's shooting characteristics. I think that was what annoyed me most. Sometimes you'd be lucky if it could hit, accurately, at little more than your minimum engagement distance (25 meters). With the 8-round mag and no real assurance that you would actually be able to hit a guy i started to feel like i was fighting a loosing battle, so retired the gun for the day.


So, all i can say is...


You get what you pay for - well, maybe a good bit more :) It isn't a miracle gun that you can get for £60 and expect it to be like 600 fps out the box and shooting a dime at 75 meters. It is merely another option in the ever growing market of Chinese clones and perhaps more specifically the first, POTENTIALLY decent ACM gas sniper rifle :)


I'll update everyone when i install the CO2 system and the nineball. Feel free to ask any questions, i have written this fairly late and i have no doubt made no sense at some bits, so just ask.

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After skirmishing with mine yesterday, my thoughts still stand at the range capable of hitting someone. However, I was getting a few fliers about 1 a mag (notice the mag comfortably holds 10 bb's) for the first part of the day.


The longest hit and confirmed kill I had was around 180 feet.


Towards the end of the day, I was noticing more consistency with the hop-up after adjusting and making sure all was well with my scope (siting in more) as well.


In the end, I really liked the performance out of the box. The temp outside was around 85F.


At one instance, I shot a friend from 100 feet, verified by pace... so it was give or take around 100 feet and he got a small bruise! :o


I think its time I check the PCS and see if it was out of wack!


I still feel its not as accurate as my TM G-Spec... but it didn't surprise me... after reading about Tanaka's hop-up systems anyways. I think I still will give it a go for another skirmish and after that decide if a KA or 2Roy Hop-up is in order.

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I just got around to chrono it yesterday, but the weather is getting really cold, and I suspect that has something to do with subpar chronoresults.


I got something around 117m/s out of it. wich isnt very awsome. That was with the bolt in stock configuration.

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Btw, the accuracy is just horrible, also, 9 out of 10 shots are fine, but that single one that just veers off, or has really low fps kinda bugs me. I guess the two-step regulator mentioned in the sniper forum could be an excellent solution. + a better hopup and barrel.

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