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Pictures Thread, Our own Specific Thread, Read Rules


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This is just a trail thread see how this goes,




#1 Minimal Spam, this means dont start talking bout things you did last tuesday with your aunt betty, yes i may want to know the details but this isnt the thread, keep conversations on the photos being submitted.

#2 Comment on the photos Submitted, dont just upload a photo for your post and not give a description

#3 When quoting images dont include the image, there is a link that takes us back to the image should we wish to view the image your replying to

#4 This thread is for the sniper related stuff, so that will cover your equipment, rifles, and other gear you USE not have, so we dont want to see your m249 in the sniper perch :)

# 5 Rules are subject to change at any time :D heh these were the only ones i could think off, Mods feel free to add to this post.

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And to start it off;


This weekend i had the chance to set out my Gear patches from USMC. along with an idea i took from Maverics photos with elastic tied around his rifle, i went to this from a rifle wrap and i like both, but i think im leaning more toward the elastic with just natural vegitation.




I also modified my Yoke to house some Veggie hoops, also glue gunned some hessian to it.




it needs more on the lower part and i need to sort the radio pouch out. Also going to sew veggie hoops in to my shirt as originaly planned so that i can add natural veggitation to my shoulders and upper arms.


The concealment vest from Webtex is good, but im just going to try this to 'thin' the load down, so i dont need the cloak as well. Also seeing the cloak is just OD mesh its not as disruptive as DPM.



Veggie Hoops on the top front of my yoke for the good old wet grass :D



Putting the grass in all the elastic, spent bout 5mins doing this, while some one stuffed the hoops on my back for me.


the final results, WITHOUT gloves or my hood,





Yup the radio pouch needs changing, also need some more hoops, on my upper arms like ive previously stated.


And with my hood on in game, kind of in the open on flat ground shooting the flanks up the sides of the buildings:


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Hey Bauer were did you get the elastic cords?




The ones on the stock of my rifle are from:




You can get 2 types, self adesive or iron on for gear.


Codes to search for:





the elastic on my yoke and barrel and scope are just from a fabric shop.

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Also posted in the "sniper rifle picture" thread but why not ;)


My custom SV-98, started out as a VSR g-spec about 1,5 years ago. Completely upgraded internals execpt for the cylinder.



Hey man.

I have got to say, That is one of the best looking snipers i have seen in a long time. :o

Could you elborate a bit more on how you managed to do it.


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Hey, those elastics look the business and I aim to get some before next summer season. Both types look good :) . Sewing elastics straight onto a DPM shirt is how a colleague has got this effect...






You are right that the WEBTEX vest is too dark to hide you, without being covered in local cam. You need it topping up with camo throughout the day, which is tough if alone in a non stop game.


I warn all of you though; having lots of local cam on means you have to be more aware and leniant on incoming shots; as it can deflect pellets that should really count as a HIT, espescially if you are using sub 300fps guns. You don't want to get a bad name from not calling hits. So if you play on a lower powered site then don't go too mad and overload the concealment vest with cam. Shots that were very close and flew through the undergrowth around you, should be called as HITS, if in any doubt.


Lastly, this post is an excuse for me to get out my gaming inspired art yet again :) :





they are both off the covers of films in our back catalogue. :D


Will let someone else post now, before I use up all the room :o

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hey bauer, do you find using those mesh goggles easier than any type of glasses ? ... i wear contacts when i skirmish and wear some eye wear (ballistic rated for more safety for all you safety fetish mad ppl)


But with the eye relief to the scope, sometimes the sun reflects on the glasses and screws up my view.


i see you as (said in the hated counter strike talk) "1337" in the sniping community and would appreciate your comments.


on another point ... (i know a rant but you other people might appreciate it :P) ... but have you ever got any shattered bb's through the mesh ?




bushman ... did you draw them ?

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Hey I have only used those mesh goggles once and they are fine IMO. After several hours your forget you are wearing them. Which is ideal if you have a large ghillie on and want to avoid the nuisance of steam up. I guess that teh mesh has a certain amount of spring in it that therefore stops the BB's from shattering like on a solid surface. They are safe enough when you consider many players used Airsoft specific mesh masks.


yes, I did draw those 2 pic's and below was my first serious piece of Airsoft artwork on A1 paper. I taught myself to paint watercolour and this was one of the first pieces I did. It's my old team ..... no prizes for guessing which one I am :blink:




The next painting I am doing as been on the back burner for a year despite being 90% complete. However it is not about gaming/hunting. Must get my finger out now it is winter again and get it finished off....



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there really good pics, you could do some proper pics based on squad pics or teamwork related scenarios or situations.


i see you got your realtree head wrap (i think realtree anyways) and the c.rap hat with the green stuff on it among your pic :P


great work and thanks for the info about the mesh goggles - a note on the goggles, forgot the review on Airsoftsniper.co.uk

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there really good pics, you could do some proper pics based on squad pics or teamwork related scenarios or situations.


Well, I guess they are kind of all snap shots from different events. I did the team one by getting 6 real photo's of the subjects and sketching them out on bits of paper. Then arranging the players on the A1 paper and drawing them in once happy. Then I drew in the background based on an area the team reformed in an all round defence style tactic.


was fun to paint but not a sensible watercolour technique..... masking every single blade of grass!!!Took a while to complete, but looks nice hung on my stairs. :P


Inspired me to search for my paintset... ;)



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Well here is my first VSR. It is a VSR10 realshock that I got in a trade and had alot of problems. I ended up finding out that the threading on the barrel had been stripped out alot so the barrel had some wobble that made it hard to zero the rifle.


This rifle has been put up on the shelf because of the barrel.


But the paint job looks very good none the less.





I used natural vegetation for the stencils. Turned out looking pretty good. Or at least I think so.


The paint used was Krylon camo paint. And for anyone who is wondering i did use primer first.


I will get some pictures up of my new rifle soon.



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nice job BOARDSLIDE113.


Well the half light of winter season is now upon the UK...




The camera man asked me to lift up the rifle cam to reveal the magazines so he could actually see me. :P


In this pic, I flanked using the dead ground created by the curviture of the crest, as the quarry was way below us. Seconds later we came over the ridge and forced the opponents to flee and I only fired 1 shot!!! :)




I'm off into the wilds again this weekend and may get some pic's to post here, although tbh I fancy taking my paintset and getting a watercolour down. ;)

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boardslide, thats one of the best paintjobs on a sniper rifle ive seen in a long time. Great job! Did you spray each part individually (as the internals look untouched) or just the entire thing at once, but covered up the bolt.


I took the internals out of the gun this included the trigger unit, bolt magazine catch, and hop up lever. Then I put the gun back together without them, stuffed the reciever with a rolled up paper towel and started spraying.



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Alright so I said I would post pictures of my curent VSR setup and here they are.


The paint job was a new style for me. Was going for a more winter/fall style. Not as artsy as my last one but I like it. It does he job too


TM VSR10 Proshock

Simmons 4x32 scope

NC start 30mm rings



Pss10 zero trigger

Pss10 neo piston

Pss10 spring guide

Pss10 150 spring



The Gspec in these 2 pictures is my brothers. Me and him always work together so I figured I would post some pics of his setup to.




I will throw this in just for fun. this was taken at a skirmish this summer.




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I like the paintschemes maybe the best I've seen tbh. The idea to use natural foliage as stencils is excellent thinking.


Here is my installment of old pic's :



An old posed one with my AK47S, before APS2 were released. Note the custom colt shorty magazine, before they released the BETA magazine. Back then if you were a sneaky player, you still used an scoped AEG. Yet you tried to get 1 shot hits whenever possible rather than using bursts. To do that, you had to get within 25m most of the time.



This one was from a speedball tournament where I entered with only my APS SPORTER and no pistol (didn't own one)!!! :blink: was tough against unlimited AEG high caps and didn't get many tags at all, although held the open flanks comfortably. I remember getting the last 2 players in the final with just enough time for my buddy to grab the flag, dump his rifle and make it back before the whistle!!!!


At one stage that event, I was in an ambush where my buddy took out an entire team in 1 burst with his MP5K!!!! By the time I fired he had already hit my target (the team leader)..... :wide-eyed:



This one is when I first got my APS2 MK2 SPORTER. I suppressed the full length of the barrel and reciever with foam and piping and then I cammed it up with old (but washed) socks.


Good Hunting ;)

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Better mix it up a bit and post something a bit different... from standard KA Dragunov...




To something a little bit more to my tastes colour-wise. Just cracked out the acrylics and off I went!





And the final results...





:wub: No real upgrades apart from a Prometheus SP190 and a diff hop rubber. You can use AEG springs in this rifle, except they're about 6 coils short of the standard KA ones... hence the need for an 190 - as it doesn't kick out as much as it would in an AEG...

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