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pete,im sure once that ghillie gets thrown together itll be awsome but as is right now that makes for a cool pic..kind of reminds me of a SWAT sniper..


Nicoli why the high rises? bah either way a sexy rifle ha

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nice to see people postin pictures of their ghillies in use...thought Id post some.





easy one.low veg.



not exactly the best concealment..but it was nice to get a day in just takin pics screwin around.

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Yet another picture sesh ;)


Finaly got the paint job how i like it, Since the first one i have done 4 different paint jobs, Finaly came up with this one, Using a base of khaki, and using the same leaf all over, Basicly 50% OD and 50% Brown, Then Khaki stipes at random then add the fern plants and going over in OD and brown, also using a nice weed in the back garden wich was long and thin, so i created a grass effect allaround the front end and bi pod. Here are the pictures.












Some of the pics are a little over exsposed but you can see the detail well.


Comments Please

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Looks excellent scott, i should recieve my krylon order this morning so will be doing something similar in the next few days. After ive bodged a cheekrest though.




Forgot to ask, how far, if at all, did you strip the gun down to spray it? Being a lazy ######, i was wondering if just masking tape over the exposed cylinder area and any other moving components would be ok?

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Custom PDI M24


Full outer barrel set from PDI Japan for the M24 sniper rifle. An awesome piece of engineering, machined from steel and finished off to the highest quality with no compromise being made in the production. It has nice intricate details, with a PDI engraving, and very weighty feel. A perfect outer barrel set for the M24! Comes complete with high precision bolt, high power spring, high strength precision trigger system, laser cut super precision barrel. *70 fps


Tokyo Marui M14

1. Prometheus spring

2. Steel bushings

3. G&P Middle Gear (Super Torque Up)

4. Systema Steel Gears

5. G&P Steel Spring Guide

6. Fuse Removal

7. Custom gearbox work to ensure smooth operation *30fps


Maruzen L96


1. PDI hop up

2. Guarder hard type bucking

3. 650 mm Madbull tightbore barrel

4. OK piston with accuracy cup

5. OK reinforced spring guide

6. Laylax zero trigger.

7. PDI barrel spacers.

8. king arms silencer adapter

9. king arms silencer. *70 fps


Stock CA M15A4 seal compact. 350 fps


Hand made ghillie suit works well in woodland and grass land Leapers optics on all of the rifles. Multicam for urban sniping / DM

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bit of cardboard laying around, just ripped it to shape and sat in the recess nicely, Just remember on the other side the cylinder is exsposed a little bit so just use the same method, I have butler creek flip up covers so the scope lens's were coverd any how.


This gun is now for sale unfortionaly.....

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What?! Youve put so much effort and care into getting that how you like.


Must be a pretty good reason...


And yea, thats what i was thinking, even if i did remove my cylinder it would still need taping up to ensure paint doesnt get inside the reciever.





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It is new, because I finnaly get those winter pictures :D




And those are the newest pics from training. Yes, it is real shooting training. We are airsoft team, but real shooting is part of our hobby ;)




This is the result of shooting on the picture above: 100m, 5 rounds (including the first, "cold" one :rifle: ). The red circle is 1MOA/100m.









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Inspired by ViolentAssassin's VSR, ive transformed my cheapsoft MP001.


Has a similar mod to the front of the stock, difference is i araldited some shaped pieces of wood to the stock and then fillered over them, rather than just building up filler.


Also have modded the rear stock, and bulked out the cheekpiece a bit with the same method. This is pretty unclear in the pictures though.


The silencer is a bodge job too, two pieces of PVC tubing :P


It still needs a bipod and a Deescustom tightbore, then its finished. Internally its stock, but has been well used and as a result has settled at bang on 350fps.


Here it is anyway :)







Comments/Opinions/Suggestions welcome.



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