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Here are a couple of pics taken off my nokia.

This is a vsr real shock that I have upgraded a few bits on for Andy_2_cool.

As you can see I have recently installed the CAW wood stock, which should have been easier, but I managed to over do the filing where it was needed, nevertheless I got it working flawlessly.


It now has the following installed:

laylax sp100 spring

laylax hp piston

laylax metal spring guide

laylax barrel spacers

laylax reinforced piston sear

laylax damper cylinder head

nine ball air seal "purple hop"

PDI 6.01mm inner barrel

CAW vsr wood stock

Tasco 3-9x40.

Edit: there is also a laylax "real type" scope mount


The following had to be modified to make the stock fit:

rear inner section of trigger guard, I had to saw/file off that little square piece that would keep it affixed inside the stock stock ( :P )

The metal frame that goes over the hop unit and keeps it in place in the outer barrel, that had to be modified to house a new mag catch system, as it fits to that rather than inside the stock a la the original.

The mag catch supplied (large) had to be filed down to function.


Overall it is a very nice aftermarket product, if you have the right grinding tools you can be precise with ( I didn't).






Edit: note there are no sling studs, this is one of the major gripes me and Andy have with the CAW stock.

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Earlier today. The foliage wasn't planned, I just got bored but it ended up working really well. One of the marshalls nearly trod on my when I was half under a fallen tree and another sniper who'd been hunting me all game walked straight up to me without noticing me. Was all good

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So I've finally taken pictures of my L96 after I got her painted. Unfortunately I dont have images of me and my gear however I do have pictures from the movie Jarhead which show the jist of my loadout.


Fancy Pictures:






Not so Fancy:











I wear a 6 Color Boonie hat with 3 Color BDU's (For my 1993 styled loadout)

I dont use an M40 as my Sniper rifle, I use an L96

I wear Knee Pads and Black Boots :)


Hopefully there will be a game soon SO i can get some good pictures lol. Remember though I'm not exactly a Sniper i'm more of a DMR. I do go off with my spotter and camp places but I still dont use a ghillie nor do I use natural Folliage, I just use common sense and put myself in a good location for sniping :)

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which scope is that peacekeeper?


it looks good as does the rifle


Its the Leapers 4x32 Mild Dot scope, non illuminated (Shoots self in foot) but it works well. The only problem I have with it is the fact that adjusting for windage and what not is a pain in the *albartroth*. So I just kind of lead the target a little bit rather then adjust for wind. Not bad for 50 bucks ^_^ Thanks for the comments!

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old field we used to play at..3 different ghillies, so dont get confused with my ghillie(top) and my spotters(below,left)


really..i dont wear this thing around the house all the time :)


spotter left,me right


had my woodland ghillie on, but it was so hot outside..decided to find concealment inside, and so the top came off..sorry


found a lil gap that works quite nicely as concealment once I fired upon my target

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Decided it was time to add a sniping rifle to the collection, so I went with the Tanaka AICS. Which Im very glad I did, as I love shooting it. Just need to find out what I need to upgrade, and change to improve it.





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Thanks guys, theres a few more in the vietnam picture thread here


As for the sling, I'm already ahead of you fuze!




The studs on the rifle had smaller holes than the bar on the swivels, so I need to drill them out bigger to fit the sling. Will do that today and take a proper photo of the rifle.

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Not to sound critical, but snipers do not wear helmets.


Good Hunting  ;)


you are oh so wrong. Every soldier must wear a helmet. It is an issued item to everybody in the armed forces. Most snipers along with their spotters, however take these helmets off before taking shots, this is because it gets in the way of look through a scope. Not all snipers wear ghillie suits <_<


Some are known to also take off their plate carriers when in focus, due to the comfort-factor(or lack of) when resting the buttstock onto their shoulder.

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Ok sorry :unsure: . I should have said "practical snipers" don't wear helmets. lol or plate carriers. Flak vest in the nam era were incredibly heavy and din't stop much in the way of rifle bullets.


I don't think Hathcock did, or taught anyone to wear/carry one either in the field. Most people look at him as the definition of a "nam sniper" I guess.


Must say I like the fake wood version of the m40a1.


EDIT : IOU scoping your mp5 is fine as in my eyes... it doesn't matter what you look like.... the idea is not to be seen after all.


Good Hunting ;)

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Fair cop. I would argue they were not snipers, being silhouetted on the skyline like they are, but I know they are probably pictures of them firing from a hilltop firebase. Similar to what is detailed in both the books i've read on hathcock.


I am no expert and don't pretend to be when it comes to military history.


The reason why helmets are no good, when stalking, is the fact they limit your hearing (by making their own noises/rattles) and emphasis the shape of your head.


I guess it would very much depend on the operation the snipers were undertaking but after reading hathcocks accounts I very much doubt he endorsed taking any armour into the field on a stalk. He basicly carried the absolute minimum. He hardly even took any food for extended periods and eventually he was arrested to for his own safety.


Good Hunting ;)

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