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Go to regional US sites. ASP is not so bad...the MAA is pretty good too.






There is a lot of useful info here at AA, but you don't have to have a US section here to gather info for US use.

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Madbull does have a special section for discussion of the model 470, so the precedent is set that this forum can allow things beyond UK rules. Perhaps there are enough US members here to warrant a small 'USA Tech' section under the current technical discussion forum? :D

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The Madbull section is, at least for now, just to inform potential customers and no discussion about upgrades had taken place. Can be compared to the news section, where is possible to read about guns firing above UK limits.


Using expressions as X above UK limits are just pointless and are handled exactly as when people talk about "a spring I cannot name here". As far as all can understand it, is still against forum rules.


Passwords and user Id's are also unreliable because is easy to ask to anybody from another country to register using a IP granting access to areas where a user in the UK couldn't go.


Really the only option I can see is to have IP control for specific areas or threads and only allow access from areas where these subjects can be discussed. We all know what IP's are from the US, the UK and other countries and is possible to keep track of them.


Is obvious that we cannot rely in the country users choose and I'm aware that even IP's can be re routed or that software constrains may prevent it from being implemented, but still is a possibility.

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I really like this forum compared to the others I've lurked or posted on. The atmosphere is much better, the people are knowledgeable and helpful overall, and the debate is lively and entertaining. The one big problem for me it the one Joule limit, speaking as someone not subject to it. There are projects and technical issues I'd like to be able to discuss here, both in terms of sorting issues with my own guns or just improving their performance to be on par with my stateside competition.


The bottom line is, if I have a problem with on of my guns, I may very well not be able to seek help here. This is kind of a bummer. :( It would be nice if there was a solution to this (and going to another forum doesn't count as a solution in my book, since the goal in my mind is to find my answers here, where I am happy and have confidence in the members). Its also a shame to not be able to help out someone who's gun is not over the limit for their area, just because their gun is over the 1J limit.


Its like the full auto rule, in a way. If I, in the US, asked how to convert some gun to full auto, or asked how to repair a gun that wasn't firing full auto or was doing so unreliably, that would be allowed, wouldn't it? Meanwhile, someone from Germany couldn't ask that same question, per the rules. Sorry if I'm interpreting that incorrectly. It seems the difference between this example and the 1J limit is that this is a UK site and that limit is a UK rule. I suppose thats a big difference when you get down to it.


In fairness though, its the rule, and I respect why it is. Its really a small burden to suffer to be a part of such a knowledgeable and helpful community. :)

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For what it's worse, I do agree with the Yank posters, but as is already stated it's hard to police such discussions to prevent them from leading to a situation where, as far as people attempting to pick flaws with the forums are concerned (both outside and inside the sport, sadly...) UK players are being encouraged to participate in over the topic discussions...


For what little it's worth, 1J discussions are allowed on the IRC chat room (at least until I hear news to the contrary, as so far in my Moderating of the chat there, I've been directed that it's acceptable), which is not an official Arnies Airsoft irc server as such, but rather an unofficial locale for members to chat in real time to the other members. If that's of any help, then by all means feel free to use the facility. :)

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