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NEW chinese Docter sight with ACOG mount

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... and thats not just a saying: this little thing has impressed me deeply. And although earlier models may have already been rewieved, I thought it was worth bringing this red dot back into the public (airsofters) light.


This is a very simple device so its going to be a short review. Just one thing I have to say to you in case you are to lazy to read the review and may be interested in getting one but were put off by "older" negative reviews: GET ONE if you like the looks. Guaranteed to not disappoint you.


Just to show how powerful and bright the dot is, let me show you where you can point it at and still see with no problems:


This is a white parabolic antenna, about 20 meters from were I shot the photo, at the time during wich the sun was shining directly onto the middle of it. Looking at it directly hurts your eyes after a few seconds.



On to the review. The dot and its accesories come in a little hard cardboard box that will protect it very well. The interior is some semi-hard foam and did a good job keeping the sight safe until it reached my door.


In it you will find the following:


- red dot

- cover

- 2 allen wrenches

- flat screwdriver

- dial for screwdriver (explained later)

- ACOG mount with 2 hex screws

- extra battery

- short instruction manual

- whiping cloth (for whiping)




How does the sight work?


The red dot works automatically, no buttons. It turns itself on when you remove the cover, because the cover is not only there to protect the sight from damage, but also to obstruct the light sensor on the front.



When this sensor detects light, it turns the sight on. But it also automatically recognizes the intensity of light of the area you are aiming at and turns the brightness of the red dot up or down according to your needs.


I have no idea whether the dot is totally shut off when the cover is on, but I dont think it consumes much energy either, so...


BTW: the cover is easy to take off but also holds on to the sight very well, thus it would be plausible to keep it on during a game to protect the sight while you are not using it.



How is the reticle?


Well, its a dot and its red. Is it bright? Hell yeah it is! As you read above, it can be used even in the bright sun aiming at shiny, white sun-reflecting objects and you will not loose the dot for a second?


Is it clean and crisp?


Pretty much, yeah. Sorry I cant show you no good pictures (the ones you se here suck teh donkey ballz). Its pretty round, no blurs except when aiming in darker conditions, then it looses a bit of its cleanliness, but no double dots, rays or anything like that, its just not the ultra perfect round dot. Its better than any Aimpoint sight I have had (G&P and chinese)

The pictures do it no justice at all, BTW.



How does the automatic brightness setting keep up?


Very well. My only neg here is that the sight is a bit too bright in poor light conditions, its a better outdoors, but thats just beeing overly picky: its nothing that will actually bother you or be uncomfortable, Im just saying that its weird that it does that.


I have just used it in my totally darkened room (i couldnt see my own hand) and it was perfect.


Exterior finish, weight, mounting and using it




Flat black, looks durable. Very cute. No markings.




80-90 grams (my kitchen scale isnt very precise). Lets say your AEG weighs around 3 kg; do you think you will even notice you have it on? No way but itll make a great dfference when shooting with it.

I mounted it on an M60 (hilarious) and an MP7: non of those weapons' handling were affected by the red dot.




Easy and fast, will fit on any rail. You have to be carefull with the screw, as it goes into a gap in the sights base, rather than being locked ina hole in it, thus you can easily drop the screw and bracket when manipulating it. this is the only thing it disliked about the device, but I guess its like that for a reason.


I havent got an ACOG sight, so I havent been able to mount it. The mount looks light and correct, though.




Couldnt be easier: its automatic! Keep the cover on until you need the weapon. Take the cover off, aim and fire. No other thing to do.

Its low profile so it will never get in your way.


BUIS compatibility


This gave me a nice surprise. Its really cool to co-witness with the iron sights. It worked on my Star M60 and on the MP7, but not on my EBR (you can still put the Docter to good use on it).


The sight has such low profile you can co-witness with the MP7's pistol sights and also use the rifle sights because they can clear over the sight.



Adjusting the sight


Easily done with the screwdriver you get and the two little screws on the back of the sight.



Whats the dial for?



The dial will help you to fine adjust the sight: you put the screwdriver through it so you can see how much you are actually turning the screws and helps you remeber positions. It also includes a scale of º/meters, dunno if it really works.



Well, I guess thats pretty much there is to it. I truly recommend this little sight to anyne (as long as you like the looks) This is a great sight for CQB, outdoors, for primary or secondary weapons, excellent as back-up for scopes (people use it aon the telescopic scopes on sniper rifles) and... it soooo cute!!


Let me end this with some craptastic cellphone pics:







Thanks for reading!

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Nope, sorry. But I dont think they did such a nice red dot to then screw up the mount, so I think you could buy it with confidence.

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They really need to start making these with manual on/off switches like Burris and Pride Fowler did with their versions of the Docter Optic / Optima sight. The main problem I always had with the replicas (aside from dot brightness) was the battery life. A manual on/off switch will circumvent the automatic feature and make those batteries last.

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