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Looking for a M4 outer barrel...any suggestions? Also, BLANK MBK...?


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Alright, need help in finding a 16" Heavy Barrel for the M4 series. 14mm-, and the lack of grooves for a front sight would be ideal. Also, no M203 cut-out, please. A Free Float Mid-Length handguard will be used with this. The clamp on gas block will be clamped on right at the end of the handguard.


This is for the Beowulf I'm working on, so that should give you an idea as to what barrel I'm looking for.


I'm also needing help finding a blank M4 MBK. I know D-Boys makes one, but I don't know if I can trust it, as I plan on either laser etching or engraving trademarks onto it.


This will also be for the Beowulf.


Thanks everyone.




P.S. After additional searching...MadBull's Dissipator barrel might work. I would need to rid it of front sight cut-outs, though. Any ideas?

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