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Photos of your Tattoo(s)

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That Cog is epic win :P I want to get it done someday, or perhaps the Republic (Clone Wars era) cog.


Here's mine:




Taken the day I got it done. Also got plans for some script on my forearm, and I've just had a custom design finished for my back, which I just need to get inked on to me.

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I am planning on having a Pheonix done this week on the back of my left shoulder. Just need to go in and have a chat with the guys in the shop about it, and get it confirmed from our 2IC that it won't affect my Sandhurst entry. One guy was told if he got any more tattoos they wouldn't accept him, and as this one will be moderately sized, I think it would be best to make sure.


Something like this, but I am designing it myself.



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Jeez...I didn't expect my tat to kill the thread. It's only Snoopy afterall. C'mon ppl! Let's see more pics :D.



I would, but I'd probably get banned for indecency. And rule the thread, so I'll give everyone else a chance first. Anyone seen 'Crying Freeman'..? <_<

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Crying Freeman?! You, sir, are NUTS!... And you could buy a couple of good AEGs instead. ;)



A couple? A couple...? I've only had the outline done so far (my tattooist left the country just after so I'm looking out for someone on the same level to finish) and that cost waaay more than a couple of AEGs. Lifetime investment though.. :D


I'll try to get a couple of pics done next weekend.

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i take it the photo was taken just after the tattoo was done? Nice tat as well!

Your take on it is correct. The fun thing about the tat is that my mother gave me the idea for it.


Pity that's probably last tat I will get, at least until my sensei retires, since being heavily tattooed is a bit of no-no for traditionalists in the school of swordsmanship I study.

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