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Photos of your Tattoo(s)

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nice pieces all!


I remember posting in the old topic, what happened to it?


anyways here's mine,


had this one done when i turned 18, having it recolored next april (old picture)





this one a few months after the first one (old picture aswell)





The one in the middle was done The magick dragon in Gainesville, GA a few years back.

Had the dragon put round it last july, the design is my own




Had this done today, text in Mandalore on the inside of my arm




And had my artist recolor the one done in the US, and make it flow into the dragon, really pleased with it.






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A tat on your lower back... affectionately known on girls, as a tramp stamp.


AKA *albatross* Antlers, Alley Tag or California Licence Plates.... :D


Quote from Urban Dictionary...


"Those chicks with tramp stamps are the kinds of girls you take home to bang. Don’t get into relationships with them because they are often immature gold digging sluts who sleep with everyone. Oh yeah, make sure you use a rubber because you don’t want to end up with chlamydia trachoma (which 1 in 20 women have between the ages of 14-39 according to the center of disease control… probably much higher if they have a tramp stamp considering the scientific coloration between sluttiness and tramp stamps). Also, if they pop out a baby (which they often do), they may have issues getting epidurals through their tattoos in the lower back."

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Its not such a deal with girls who have multiple tattoos, just the completely unlikely looking 'pretty girls' who only have a tramp stamp. Thats the alarm bell.


[inserted due to the fact my ex had one on her lower back, wanted plenty more, and is a really nice lass]

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lol !


yah, what can i say, that tat has been there since i was 18, and back then they were uncommon....


don't worry your not the only one, I too have a tramp stamp :D .My girlfrirnd forgot to get rid of me after she dragged me home and banged me though :rolleyes:




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Mine. Self-pics are the suckzors, gotta have someone take better ones. I dont know why they look so bad on pic?


Based on a design by Avu Vanini, itself based on a protection tattoo used by headhunters in Borneo.



This is apparentely a mix of ancient chinese and early japanese ideograms and supposedly means "The honour of the thief". I just like the looks of the ideograms.



Based on a Tibetan skull, by pierre, from French Connection. This is actually the best tat I own, its a masterpiece of lights and shades, but that got totally lost in the self-pic.



A koi-fish, using typical maori spirals. It was my first tatto, copied it form some guy in a magazine.


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Seconded. It's amazing how America has managed to somehow popularize an attack.


I've been thinking for some time about a tattoo of a Spartan ( Halo one :P) helmet on an assault rifle dug into the sand, I'm SURE I've seen the artwork before, but I can't bloody find it for love nor money now...

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Seconded. It's amazing how America has managed to somehow popularize an attack.


No need for that, really, was there?


I do like the tattoo, though.


I myself am still contemplating getting my second tat... Not sure when or where to get it, but it's in the works...



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I'm in between getting a new piercing, or a new tattoo. Should I get this piercing;




Or this tattoo;




Only really have the cash for one.



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