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Photos of your Tattoo(s)

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Wow some awesome ink shown here!!!


heres mine


My first tattoo done by a drunken spaniard when i was 16



My second one done when i was 17 (about 4 months afte rmy first)



My third one (brownie points to whoever translates without using google!)



MY 4th one, this was some serious impulse!!!!! went with a friend for her first tattoo and ended up getting one myself lol



My 5th one (im pretty sure ive seen bens pictues and its roughly the same?)



Now ive started my sleeve on the right forearm

this is the outline finished



This is with the shading completed and a bit of the colour, just one more session to go!!! POOR QUALITY SORRY


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Pic was taken about 2 weeks after I got it done. There's 11 things it represents, listed below :)


1) It's offcially the most accurate rifle in the world. Hence, its the best at what it does. Thats what it represents, being the best you can. I try to be the best at what I enjoy. No point competing if you aren't trying to be the best.

2) It's set a standard. It's a standard that can never be lowered, similar to Special Forces requirements. It's setting yourself a goal to acheive, one thats difficult but attainable, and one that you will only be satisfied when you achieve or surpass it.

3) Back to the most accurate. It's ability to reach out so far accurately, to me, represents the ability to set a goal that seems far out of reach for the ordinary, but by being the best, you can attain it. Again, all about setting high goals and reaching them.

4) It is simple, functional, and because of that elegant. It is efficient. Being efficient means a lot to me, especially when it comes to communication, which brings me to the next point.

5) The reason its only shadows is because it is simple, yet exposes a complex design, but one that you will only recognise if you know what to look for. Like a language. It is simple, yet it speaks volumes, and conveys a message with clarity. Something I like one heck of a lot.

6)Its positioning. It will be set so the stock rest in the curve of my shoulder, so it looks like I have shouldered it when my arm is out at 90 degrees. This is to represent always being ready, being prepared. Mentally and physically preparing yourself. Prior planning and preparation prevent ###### poor performance. Making sure every contigency is covered. Also being prepared for one thing, means that should something unexpected happen, you have the ability to deal with it.

7) Again, positioning. Along my bicep to represent strength, because recently i have been finding out more and more about myself, and I base my adult self on the ideas about goals that i mentioned before, and beliefs that I will detail later.

8) Suppressed. Because it is not only vital to be able to hit hard and fast and loud, but also WHEN to use said force. Its about adaptability and knowledge of when stealth or force is appropriate. This can be translated into other things, such as when to be brash or subtle, just placed in a meaning that I have understood for my entire life.

9) It is a weapon. A long time ago I came to the conclusion that as wonderful as it sounds, world peace will not be attained. Violence is part of nature, part of what makes us human, what makes us animals. We will never stop fighting. It represents my choice to believe that we will fight, and that I am prepared to fight. As great as peace time is, there will always be conflict. It is not that I enjoy conflict, or that I condone it, but I accept its existence.

10) It is a shadow. Because we all live in the shadow of death. It is the sole thing that we HAVE to do in life. Everything else is optional. Everything else is a choice. But we are obliged to die. While it scares the *suitcase* out of me, it's still something I know. (I will be getting another tattoo which represents the value of life, kinda like my own personal Yin and Yang).

11) It is titled the M200 Intervention LRRS. Long Range Rifle System. System. The reason it is so good is because it works as a multi-part system. A team. It represents teamwork, something which I have always supported. I enjoy being part of a team. By myself I may be somewhat effective, but being part of a team is an absolute force multiplier. I have always been, and always will be, part of a team, regardless of what I am doing. Whether its a team from work, a fire team, or simply being part of the human team, we are always part of a team.

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Not the best pics but meh.


I love Norse mythology hence the Valknut in the centre. Otherwise known as 'knot of the slain' or 'Odin knot'. Amongst other things it's supposed to be a protection from evil spirits. It's about belief in staying true and not about believing in Valhalla and gods and stuff.


The Runes loosely mean 'Strength Honor and Morality' being how I live and the stormy waters and thunderous clouds were done in a traditional Japanese theme.


Have thought making it into a full sleeve with lotus leaves ect but likely won't

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I must say some of you have some very nice work. Some have absoulte *suitcase* too, but I'll refain from naming any names, as to not offend anyone.


I am hevily tattooed myself, but I will not post mine here as I need to maintain some degree of anonimity. (My employer moniters these forums and I don't want them to find out my user name here as I tend to say things that would likely upset them.)

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