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I purchased this at Shorty USA, after alot of research and such i found it to be a decent gun. Now, when i ordered there was a problem, a spring inside of the valve assemablly was put in wrong causing the mag to leak all of its gas. I emailed them back and they sent me a new mag the same day.


First impressions-

Upon opening the nicely colored box, the kind of colors and pictures lacking from my KSC M93rII, i found that the gun actually looked very nice. Then i picked it up. It is very light but i guess thats not to much of a problem. I then picked up the mag. It is all plastic. But it has a lead weight inside of it. There arent alot of visible seams on the frame. This is due to the fact that the grip is made in different pieces that have lines where they should be and are put together so it looks like the real deal. There is a small lead weight inside of the rear grip. It has a functioning safety also. There is also a standard size rail under the slide. The slide is made of ABS and you can even remove the sights. I painted my front one orange because the stock sights.. well suck. The gun is double action so u need to pull the trigger and it sets the hammer back and then releases it. Its not that bad just a slightly larger trigger pull.





This is where the NBB is a plus. The gun gets 4-5 reloads of BBs to the one fill of gas. The clip holds 15 rounds. The mag that i recieved so far has no leaks in it and i am very pleased.



Now this is what all you guys are waiting for isnt it? Well the gun shoot about 280 fps and dents the one side of a can. Ya doesnt sound to great huh? Well The gun is actually very accurate. Having a fixed hop-up for .2 gram bbs i think that it is very nice. it has close groupings to my 93r at about 20 feet.


Final thought-


Very air efficent, light well some people may like a light gun.


Light, NBB, plastic


Overall i think that the 40 dollars i paid for this gun was WELL worth the price. Its a great side arm and i look forward to playing with it some more.












Ok, one simple upgrade you can do is bore out the plastic valve to somewhere about 3/16 . This made my gun go through one side of a soda can and then dent the other. Another upgrade you can do it get a UHC MP5 SD3 and take that barrel and put it in the USP. It has the same hop up so it will work, you can then just cover the piece of the barrel that sticks out. I glued my silencer to the actuall frame. You may not like this but i dont rack the slide back there is no point on a NBB. I also attached a light to the bottom of the rail . This gun shoots almost as hard as my 93r now. Its a great toy for the price!






Sorry about the review its my first.

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thanks alot.. and mags are only ... get this... 15 usd!!!:) so cheap compared to my 50 dollar m93r mags. im making it a detonics usp now. heres a pic im following, sept im gonna make a silencer cover the outerbarell so it has the same range. http://tinypic.com/ozt08


heres a thread on it.



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I put a MP5 SD3 barrel + a bic pen barrel extender, and mine is chronoing at 355-360fps, and quite accurate. It's dead quiet too. All you can really hear is the hammer hit. I'm planning to put a XM177 barrel in it.


You can also make the hammer stronger by putting a spacer under the spring.

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