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"Romanian AK74SU" custom

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Hi there,


been trying to adapt some lessons in mold making to airsoft,


fairly complex theme to the layman, but after a few tries i managed to make my first decent pieces.


The inspiration is the Romanian Army versions of the AK





I adapted the "CQB Grip" seen in the photo above for the short AK´s, wich for me at least makes a lot more sense than this kind of grip in the long gun. Sugestions for alternative finishes (varnish, latex paint?) for the piece are welcome.


For a project like this, first you must sculpt the master in foam or any other material you are confortable with, the next stage is to make a Silicon RTV mould, wich in turn is used to make the part itself.

The material i used for the part is Poliester reinforced with microfibers, to make the part as resilient as possible.


Below are the pictures of the piece, first in a naked state, and the black version is coated with a anti-skid paint, quite resilient and rubbery, needs no further coating.


naked prototipe







prototipe coated with anti-skid paint








Part in a short AK






sugestions on how to improve this project, os sugestions for other projects are welcome, i need more ideas :D

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The only thing I see that can be improved is surface finish before paint. Poliester can be sanded, where you impatient to paint? :P


To me, grip seems fatter than the original, but I supose the piece is made to fit your hand size.


Nice job ^^


P.S. If you paint a mirror finish surface, how does it look?

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it´s worse, i was impatient to finish the master, and i thought that gritty surface would look good with some kind of wood alike finish, so now all the copies come out like that :P


by the way, that white on is the reference surface finnish (it has half a mm deep depressions and marks), the black one surface is a direct result from the high grip paint that generates a spikey surface.


What kind of mirror surface, varnish, silver aluminium alike, or other? i could always try ;)

And also the end result of the paint should be resilient enough for skirmishing.

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