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stolen (manchester)


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Stolen from a secure unit .


all china made


6 cyma ak74 s

1 l96 full kit

1 cyma m14

1cyma m14 socom

1 cart ebr

6 g36c

1 m4 casav

1 mp5k

2 mp7s

1 klasi ak74

1 shorty ak47

1 sa 80

1 249 para

1 249 full stock

10 masks

1 m14 in bits

1 g36 in bits


im hoping because thes are hard to sell on these days some one will get asked about them ..


i will post futher information about the rifs soon .


they were stolen on sat morning between 12 and 6

in stretford manchester ..

the police have all details and doing there thing whch is promising there taking it seriously . finger prints the lot ..


if any one sees or is offerd them pls call me on 07786075129 there is a good reward ..


cheers jamie


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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