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Pictures of yourself in the field/posing

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Ok thats it. On sat Im going to an event game and Ill be wearing my ACU's so Im not only gonna take some pics but Ill even take a quicktime video for you guys just to prove they work sound good?


Whoa, calm down mate. But yes, take some pictures and videos. I alway like seeing how camo schemes work in real life. *Looks at OD tanker overalls and black vest* :(

lol. anyway.

cheers. H&K


edit - spelling

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Btw. I have Gen2 ACUs the new ones with the updated Scheme so you guys should make sure you start the judging then lol


btw anyone In the US that wants to buy some real official ACU Gen2 just PM me Ill hook you up.

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1)I dunno if alot of people care... 


Ok let's start calling the AR15 a crappy american thunderstick ... still don't care? :rolleyes:




2)Enzo had it configured as an MG36 before putting the AG36 onto it.  Perhaps that's why Havoc called it that?  :rolleyes:


MG36 doesn't exist, but if you like to call it liek that it has to be A fullsize G36 with Bipod and Beta-C-Mag ... if it has a AG36 and a Standard Mag it couldn't be a "MG36".

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