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Pictures of yourself in the field/posing

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Cheers Tripod :)


My favourites are:






By the way, apologies for the cheesy grins - by the end of that first set we were all p*ssing ourselves laughing at the cameraman ;)

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what gloves are those, shinjit?

Actually, they're a pair of Watson OD Gloves. I used to use Hatch Operators, but those bit the dust within less then a year of moderate gaming. The Watsons were significantly cheaper, and appear to probably last longer, but only time will tell I guess. Note: Don't wash your gloves, this probably the reason my Hatch's died so early.

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3 of the elusive snipers at the recent 5 day AIRSOFT SNIPER SKOOL (i'm the one in the middle.)


Ghillie suit is a cheap 30 pound concealment vest (more like a cloak or cape) and covered with green elastic loops to stiff full of foliage. Can take a while to fill it, but worth the effort and not encumbering or too hot either.


I made top scorer and was the only sniper to avoid being shot (only had 2 shots fired at me from a shotgun). 2 sniper teams bumped into each other while evading a contact minutes earlier. Me and my partner both hit him pretty much simultaniously with our G-SPECS... LOL!


G SPEC and concealment vest = silent and invisible hunter of the playing field.


Happy Hunting ;)

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