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Pictures of yourself in the field/posing

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I think he means the flap on your hat, If you are wearing a Falklands hat




wrong, by chicken wing i mean your arm sticking out when your olding your MP5SD. Notice how your right elbow is sticking straight out to the side and same with your left arm. Tuck that shiz in :argue:

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thirdly: slicing a pie with my pistol ? you what dude ?


have i missed something, or is this some american thing ?


Its the safest way to take the corner of a building, exposing only a slice of your body and a larger portion of the field in front of you. The end result is you have a larger field of view with exposing a minimal portion of your body. However I made the comment because the intent is to keep the weapon oriented towards the threat at all times; this allows you to get the drop on your intended target.


read above ^^

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Ha ha, Reload, I love the second pic of you not even looking as your aim the gun down the stairs.  It's like "I'm such a badass, I won't even LOOK as I kill you!"


Amazing realistic huh? ;)


Behind the shades I was looking out the corners of my eyes as it goes... <_< ......praying my elderly neighbour didn't decide to let her cat out right then. :P

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oh i see now, said the blind man to the deaf man who in return said nothing.




well, like i said, im a function over form guy - i dont give a *beep* if my arm 'looks' wrong, its comfortable - its how i have it. although for the 'posed' one, it is slightly exaggerated. its bad really, i didn't notice it was that horizontal till you guys said. oh well.




and as for slicing the pie well im still mildly confused, although you cant see from the angle but the lower half of my body is actually behind the wall, im leaning backwards and slightly to the left. trust me. and my gun was pointing at someone.


and about 2 minutes later i shot Big Dave in the chin with my eagle from pretty far away, making him bleed lol. ;)


and also, what is a falklands hat ? i cant imagine it looks anything like the BALACLAVA im wearing, with the remnants of my old hood stitched to the back, custom/bodge stylee :D

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Oh, I get it now. I thought "slicing pie" was referring to his perfectly straight back, not how he actually turned the corner. In that case, I guess I slice pie a lot (don't play much urban anymore). I never get on my bellie and look - you'd get shot when someone walked up behind you!


I guess I usually slice or straffe the corner. :blush: I never thought it was bad...

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