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Croatia (Europe)




The meaning of SUDRI - According to Nordic mythology Sudri means south (SUD) also it marks the people from the sea (that's where we live, by the sea on the south of our country).

So we have the shape of our country as a background and big compass with S in the middle (South). Where ever we may go others will know where we're from ;)

And on the sides of the patch there is "Croatian pleter", it's a geometrical ornament specific for ancient Croatian culture.


And we have the same one but in TAN and CB colors for our desert loadout. Hope you guys like it. We put a lot of work in it.




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If you're honoring those who serve, why does the patch have a confederate and french flag? The Badger understands that Mississippi was once controlled by french, and was once part of the confederacy, but shouldn't it be a US flag?




It is not a confederate or French flag. It's the Mississippi Flag, which just happens to have both of those within it.




The tagline "Honoring Those Who Serve" comes from how we play. We pride ourselves in trying to grow towards a more MILSIM community and at most ouf our Sanctioned Events we donate part of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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The Club:


"Ski" is the municipality where most our members live, and it's coat of arms have horses on it. I designed it and just got it today!


The Team:


This patch is a couple of years old. I'm told G11 was the worst part of a infamous mental hospital here. Pretty cheesy, but I kinda like it.

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