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Ive got a fever, and the prescription, is more m4 stuff!


Lets see: emptied my closets, and ive got wayy to many m4 parts/ guns.




mmm i love my eotech, just need one of those carry handle mounts so i can put it on my main gun, my custom m733


all guns have metal bodies cept the 2nd m4

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haha hells yes. I had it on my sr 15, which i have parted out and sold. The complete body weighs almost 4 pounds, its rediculous.

Best body ever made tho, i have a g&p m733 body ( top gun) and a g&p m4 body (bottom) and they feel like nothing compared to the dtp.


If you can find a dtp body, or can afford the $240 pricetag, get it now.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I love the gun so far. It's got great range (~175ft and yes, I measured), looks good and is solid as a rock. The M4 had a orange flash hider on it, but I took (more like tore) if off because I thought I would be getting a metal one, but that did not work out so I am stuck with a gun with no flash hider. I started out trying to get it off so I could take it off and on.

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My finished M653 replica which is also my first AR15, and my 33rd airsoft gun.

M733 base

-G&P M655 front set

-G&P AR-15/M16a1 style metal body

-G&P A1 re-enforced grip

-Systema metal hop up

-Guarder hop up bucking

-Systema 6.04mm inner barrel

-G&P air nozzle

-King Arms aimpoint

-G&P 6v taclight

-G&P 3pt sling

1x CA hicap, 11x TM standards

Credit goes to Foxtrot for installing all the internals and the metal body when it was his gun. :P



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