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Another amendment to my kit list:


I have decided to stick to two loadouts so both me and my bro can play and I have a choice if im on my own :D


Nam Weapons:

G&P AR-15 Model 02

14* TM M16 190rnd mags

WA 1911A1 Transitional with real grips

3* WA 1911A1 21rnd mags


Mod Weapons:

TM MP5'gay' - rail kit, pdw stock, guarder mp5ns silencer

5* TM MP5 200rnd mags

KSC Glock17 - G&P metal slide

2* KSC Glock17 21rnd mags








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I like the m16 m^tt, do you carry all those mags?


Yep, 3 per pouch, 7 in a bandoleer and 1 in the gun. I really wanted the G&P mags, but hey G&P designed mags that wont feed in their gun :blink: Im thinking of getting some of the star m16 20rnd mags when theyre out in the uk, assuming they feed.


The real M7 bayonet is a nice addon too :D

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