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Pictures of your weapon

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Oooo-kay I have a coupla things to say here:


1) this isn't spam as this deserves a bump (just wait and see!)


2) Guns 'n' Guys rock the house. All the way down to a pile of rubble then clear the site using stolen bulldozers and illegally apply for planning permission. I paid for this on Friday at well gone 6pm so Peter Chan at GnG wouldn't have received it until the about 2am our time. He was also not actually in over the weekend I believe yet it still arrived with me half an hour ago.


And he included 2, that's 2 free bags of BBs because of an apparent problem with my last order (which was nothing to do with them and wasn't actually a problem at all). He still chucked em in 'cause he felt bad about the hassle I had. What a star!!


3) the wood effect on the M1887 `guard` (fullstock) is not plasticcy in any way check these out:

















Yes, I too am incapable of short posts. But this is sooo cool!! It had a touch of gas left in it and it pelted 3 8mm BBs the whole length of our yard and into the forklift (much to the amusement of our foreman). That's at least 50 feet! Aha ha ha ha ha :D :D

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It is the best I've seen by a mile. It doesn't feel too bad, obviously there's no grain but it is very tightly fitted - unlike the T2 version - and there no shakes or creaks so far. I haven't put it down yet, somethign that is amusing my collegaues quite a bit!!


I just chucked an escort hand grenade at our resident pensioner (77 and still breathing) too, and he just chuckled and said "I knew you would be standing so close if it were real so I'm not entirely bothered" :D

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No you definitely can't do the one-handed reload. The handguard and reload mechanism is metal and the receiver is plastic, but even if it were metal and the stock and body panels were real wood then it wouldn't work; there's metal and then there's metal,


this is a £200 airsoft gun, the real version would have cost (in real modern terms) probably about £1,000 and would be designed and made when hard work made good quality metal anyway, not just the cash investment!


And the wide ring (as seen on the marushin Randall customs and Rooster's (John Wayne) rifle in True Grit, the Rifleman etc) is really needed for that sort of thing.


T2 used some `license` to make it possible i.e. they did something clever with the editing and it's not the same gun as you see close up ;)

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Donnie, mate, I see you browsing this topic; how's about you buy (another??) Eotech and lets see what it looks like on a *inserts name of every gun known to airsoft* ... :D


I seem to recall you have at least one already, any idea on the real-terms cost of getting one delivered chaps?


I'm both lazy and acomign to the end of the day so researching is not top of my `to do` list atm.


Beer seems to have that coveted position.

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Evilhippy if you need a Eo-tech fix theres a pic thread just for you all about EO-Techs :D


I got mine attached to a g3sas (please no comments about how its not a real gun :D ) - I think Acogs are best kept for armalites - they dont suit much else IMHO (but please proove me wrong with a nice pic) - Mp5`s need a aimpoint as someone said - I got a boxy walther red dot that looks good on a mp5 - will try to get pics tonight.


BTW got a new gun - will post pics later - its my first bolt action - a sunproject based M700 Varmint Synthetic - it shoots 460 - sweet :P

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Got this from WGC as someone spotted


Sun Project M700 Varmint Synthetic


Its got a real steel OD stock - silencer - few other bits and bobs - very powerfull.


Nicely finished.


Put a Moji scope with adjustable zoom on it for now.








defo going to try to skirmish this one.

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