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No Sex Tonight


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Yes please... ;)

I expected that :rolleyes:


You people should be happy, H_M has no sex every night.  :no:

Same for me <_<




seriously tho, I am Ghost_Rider's and Ghost_Rider's alone, so anybody trying anything at AG05 will be severely dealt with.

and no, I don't mean a spanking!

No spanking :( are you sure :P


do it anyway; evidently, these pervs like getting hit... or is it only getting hit by girls?

Spanking from girls ;):D


I'm sorry, H_M, you'll have to explain that picture (which is like the 12th time you posted it)  for me.  I just don't get it.

I sort of get it, maybe he should explain it, i've seen it so many times :unsure:

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Are you just trying to p*ss me off so much that i eventually give in to spanking you?  :P


Maybe I give you a spanking, if you deserve it...

Are you suggesting it might actually work :rolleyes: yes i am :P

No spanking tonight though, got to make a list of why i hate my school which i am going to show everyone tommorow and then give to the head teacher when i leave in a few months :P

Spanking will be done on friday ;)

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Blimey - you can cut the hormones round here with a machette!


Mitsuko - well done for keeping these guys in check - they need it. By the way, there will be about 3 bodyguards at AG05 - reasonable rates ;)


Rob - As Mitusko is likely to be busy playing at the event, I'm sure we can persued Havoc to give you a spanking if you want :)

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Don't you 'pfft' at me, young man! Do you want the spanking or not?!


And thank you R22Master, bodyguards would be much appreciated if the fanboys start getting out of hand...


As for the pictures, Ghost_Rider hasn't been home so there is nobody here to take them! Patience, little fanboy, patience....


Video may take a while as well, need to gather a few more skimpy outfits together cos I only have a couple to hand!

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Hmmmm, how to explain. Maybe this...


1. Someone posts a photo of a girl / glamour model / particularly attractive sheep,


2. Havoc implies that he would "Hit it", meaning he would like to investigate the possibility of romantic relations with said object of desire.


Think that explains it. Weird, I know ;)

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