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BAGeL Build (Bolt Action Grenade Launcher)


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Those of us who have been here for slightly more than the 5 or so weeks that you have, know that this will be finished, and sooner rather than later wink.gif .

Be patient, it will be worth the short wait, I guarantee.

Damn. Looks like I was very wrong sad.gif




If I had a bigger lathe, I wouldn't mind doing something similar...tongue.gif



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He built the Bulpup for me and it was held together by pure friction, once the screws and loosened the thing would fall apart. Ridiculous work. For the almost $1100 of my Iraq deployment money I gave him I got maybe $100 back in pure aluminum dookie. After It fell apart I did my own mods to it and got it working fine, but before that I requested dobey to send me the original M40 stock for the rifle at my own cost. He said he would get a quote and send it out and then he kept changing the subject every time we talked. Then he disappeared.

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Lifted these from my local boards...


Dobey (as far as I know) is busy running an airsoft field. I am not sure if he is doing custom machining anymore.


From my experience, it is easy to get wrapped up in other people's projects, and to try to be a "hero" and build whatever they are asking for. Even if it means your own little projects have sit idle. Might be why he doesn't swing by Arnies anymore. The sheer volume of requests for thread adapters and airsoft gunships can be a bit much. Kind of kept me from posting for a while.

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Hey led, can you machine me a Huey gunship with a 14mm negative thread adapter so I can mount it on the shell ejecting GBB OCSW I'm going to ask you to build out of an 1979 pinto carburetor?



On a more serious note, it's sad to see people like dobey drift away from the more interesting projects, but it's good to hear he's running a field and not completely out of airsoft. Led it's also nice to see you back you had some interesting projects going I hope you have more to share.

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