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SMG Picture Thread

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I resurrect this thread to post a WE Apache, to which I fit a surplus German SEF trigger housing and original slimline handguard with no modification to the airsoft parts and a lot of swearing and Dre

Gave mine a little run down, wasn't going for a used and abused look, just a LOT of used.  

GBB Uzi, full steel and made mostly with real parts. KWC Mini uzi internals.     www.facebook.com/realfakeguns www.youtube.com/realfakeguns www.instagram.com

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hoping to be able to afford the G&P GP-766 steel kit for my hybrid HFC/KWA M11A1 sometime around my birthday this coming january;












lousy cheap plastic aftermarket suppressor in place;






i have an HK source that i can supposedly aquire the steel kit from for $160ish with four-day express shipping.

like i said, i plan to jump on this in JAN. (my birthday month)


however, in the meantime, if anyone here can perchance possibly link me up with this same kit,

or an M11A1 with this kit already installed, please by all means let me know.


the venerable old M11 is my favorite firearm bar none. i liked it in my childhood,

and i still get a charge out of it every time i catch one in a movie/etc. to this day 20+ years on in my life.


to have a nearly perfect replica of this weapon is one of my dream goals,

and i have found that this KWA Airsoft with the aftermarket GP-766 steel kit in place is as close to the real-steel M11

that i can ever hope to get...

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yeah, i'm pretty sure that i will. i'm not an Airsofter, just a fellow with a yen for the most personally iconic firearm of my youth.


i hear the parkerized finish scratches easily, but since, as i mentioned, i'm not an airsofter, have never skirmished, and never plan to,

i seriusly doubt that that will ever prove a problem.

this M11A1 is going to be nothing more than a display mock-up that i wish to make as realistic as i possibly can, no more or less.


honestly, i'd go for the "Real Steel" and likely as not never put a single live round through it, but however,

with actual M-10 and M-11s becoming serious collectors' pieces, generally commanding about $2000USD at barest minimum,

i think that the $240ish that i will have invested in my M11A1, -after purchase of that body kit-

will be the most i ever dare to consider investing in such a "toy"

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Here's my small collection.

The MP5 (ICS) I was actually given by a friend years ago - it broke on him while he was doing a 24 hour airsoft some where - could not be fixed on site, so as he was feeling flush at the time he got a new one.  He gave it to me as he knew what I was like (I already had a springer TM Glock 17 circa 1998) with the view if I could fix it it was mine, else ditch it.  I chickened off attempting to repair and so it sat in my loft.  When I started playing I remembered it and got it repaired - annoyingly it was cleaned at the same time and lost some of it's weathered look :rolleyes:


The Skorpion (ASG) I bought as a treat second hand about a day after I got registered with UKARA - I was partly after one as the main character in the C3 anime used one and it was that show that got me considering airsoft again, and this time looking to see if there was anything local ...


The Magpul FPG arrive today (second hand again ...) and should remind me to behave and stop looking at second hand sections (my remaining list to get is a Walther P38 and/or Walther PPK, oh and anything different and interesting :busted_blue: )


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Think the only options now are second hand though you need to keep your eyes open as it was sold as both a kit (requiring a kwa glock 18c slide) and as a complete set, which also has a longer barrel).


BTW two things of note is that there's no quick way of swapping between full and semi auto, and also there's no safety.

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Definitely don't want a pink one. EHA and Evike has those. I would consider the white one, but much prefer the all black. I definitely don't want to get someones 2nd had kit  - I went down that path 2 yrs ago and it the gun never worked right. Ugh.


Who is Big Al? I looked in the member list and don't see him in there.



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Who is Big Al? I looked in the member list and don't see him in there.





Who is Big Al? I looked in the member list and don't see him in there.



He's advertised one (the KWA/PTS Complete model) with 3 spare mags and a pouch on at least 2 other forums (don't know about here)

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