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I resurrect this thread to post a WE Apache, to which I fit a surplus German SEF trigger housing and original slimline handguard with no modification to the airsoft parts and a lot of swearing and Dre

Gave mine a little run down, wasn't going for a used and abused look, just a LOT of used.  

Something slightly different. Spectre M4 with folding stock.   Stock is from www.octagonairsoft.com and came with some free patches. Nice guys to deal with and for anyone interested the stoc

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Not posted in a while... Here we have my Silenced Colt M635 - Fitted with a real Trijicon Reflex and Carry handle mount with Tenebrax Killflash.

I have a machined steel grip cap still to fit and the velcro ties are gone.




Is that the DEA special? Very nice!

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Where can I get one of those?!

You can't ;)

I made 22 (23 counting in the prototype) of those a couple of years back, and sold them of rather quickly. But due to a new job, I never got around to making a second batch - but with enough interest, I might be willing to make an effort on that second batch. Or I might redesign it to be ambi.

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