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I resurrect this thread to post a WE Apache, to which I fit a surplus German SEF trigger housing and original slimline handguard with no modification to the airsoft parts and a lot of swearing and Dre

Gave mine a little run down, wasn't going for a used and abused look, just a LOT of used.  

GBB Uzi, full steel and made mostly with real parts. KWC Mini uzi internals.     www.facebook.com/realfakeguns www.youtube.com/realfakeguns www.instagram.com

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Okay, not a prettily presented as some, but so proud of my purchase from Aitch that I wanted to share.


For your delectation, a gun which causes more arguments that it ever stopped. Marketed as a Sub-Machine Gun, but carrying other names on RS sites, such as Sub-Carbine, Sub-Assault Rifle, PDW. I'm happy to go with the manufacturor F R Ordnance and call it an SMG. The most frequent misnomer regarding this gun is it's name, on airsoft sites and computer game sites everywhere you'll see it called a G3 SBS, on real steel sites you'll see it called the MC51 Suppressed, or MC51 SBS - I've yet to find a real steel site that calls it a G3 SBS.


This certainly doesn't belong in the G3 thread as it's an MC51 not a G3 and it doesn't belong in the H&K thread as it's made by F R Ordnance (now owned by Imperial Defence), so I figured this will be a nice home for it... I'm sure some will argue.


As you'll see it has the folding stock, rather than a slide stock. This should be changed in a couple of weeks, although it is growing on me, however I do want to use clmaped mags, which I can't do with a folded stock. One of Aitch's additions that I really like is the elastic strap on the handguard, it holds those tricksy pins in and also doubles as somewhere to secure a pressure switch pad. This is the replacement for my lovely SIG, while not quite as short, it is the shortest Real Steel weapon from the G3 platform and is a continuing part of trying to get my main weapons all on one platform.


So far it (I've already noticed myself using the word 'She' when running through what to type and have been studiously changing it to 'it') has only been shot down the length of the house, out of the patio doors and down the garden so far, looking forward to my first skirmish with it (her, lol).




Flame on ;)

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