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Ok first off this is my first review so forgive me if its not very good.


after dealing with brands such as Eagle, HSGI, Blackwater and Webtex and not finding them very comfortable i decided to look on the cheaper side of the market, ive always wanted a replica Chassis but never had the money or the patience to get one.


i first noticed this on www.ebaybanned.com when browsing around for odd bits and bobs.


i looked at it, it looked sturdy and comfortable and dirt cheap!


so i put in an order straight away.


it came within a week in a nice big box,


opened it up and my first thoughts was that its alot darker than it appears on the website pictures, my impression from the pictures was that it was tan but its more of a CB in colour


here are some pics before i go on with the review.













first off it took me a good hour to figure out how to get into the things and secure it properly.


there is a cummerbund but there is also to shoulder strap has a clip that needs to be attached and 2 straps inside which feed through loops on the back of the front plate and to to the inside of the chassis where the padding is where Velcro will hold it in place, this is very tricky to do and is rather time consuming so i advise that if your going to put it on keep it on for the remainder of the day, i can put it on and off over the top of my head but again you need someone to help you or you will struggle.


ajustment is simple shoulder straps, cummerbund and the draw cord on the back of the chassis all help it fit snugly to your body.


when the chassis is on it looks bulky, but its does not restrict movement what soever unless your moving your arms above your head. there are no restrictions at all with this very very easy to move around in, and by far the most comfortable armour system ive ever worn compared to eagle PC\'s, HSGI Wasatch and several webtex vests and Blackwater PC\'s. and its very cool you dont have to worry about overheating in this at all, but thats just me.


the quick release system works a treat and the chassis falls off you cleanly but dont think that its an easy way of getting out of the thing as setting it back up is a pain.


the plates are rigid enough to give the chassis stability and bulk but not too bulky they do flex a little if your find yourself in curling up into a ball when under fire :rolleyes:


one thing which i didn\'t like about this is the drag handle, its too long and it just bounces around so to stop this ive tucked it in with the back plate and no problem. all the padding is held by velcro and can be moved where you need the most comfort altho its comfortable as it is.


another slight problem is the MOLLE loops on the cummerbund is rather stiff and getting the pouches to feed through is a pain but once they are there they are there.


overall stitching quality is excellent no defects and it looks very sturdy and certainly feels it.


ive not used many pouches as i still have to order new ones. but i have tried Eagle pouches and they fit snugly.


i will test this at my next skirmish and give a full report there.


overall i highly recommend it but if your of the larger gentleman i would be careful as this may not fit.






no movement restriction

highly adjustable

built to a high standard

looks good




torture to put on and off

colouring isn\'t what i expected

cummerbund loops very tough

drag handle is a bit too long



again first review dont slay me






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Comparing the pics you've posted to a real one I saw the other day, I'd say that they just built it wrong. The master templates they created for the chassis were based solely off pics and as a result, they got nearly all the dimensions horribly wrong. It's also fitted oddly on Fellowz body, with a lot of sag on the back which is a testament to how dimensionally off it is.


The only reason why the replica Gen 1 Chassis out there are generally decent is because they're all copies of the DD Chassis which itself was a direct copy off a real Crye Chassis. However, it's pretty obvious that the replica Gen 2 Chassis is based off pictures alone.

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Idk, that back plate carrier is awfully small. I think it's the Weesatch for me; I need to carry 10x12 standalones and I need massive stitching and a humungous pouch for my plates.


I guess for airsoft it'd be fine, but I skirmish mostly with real deal gear on to get used to the weight and what I can and can't do in combat. For me it's training, so Idt this is for someone like me.


Other than that, it looks wicked cool and if I weren't such a nut about wearing actual armor plates while playing airsoft, I'd wear one of these, especially considering the cost.

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I think you'll be happier with the HSGI weesatch/wasatch. Neither the Gen 1 or 2 Chassis is really designed to hold that many mags. I've seen people add mag pouches to the wasatch and carry as many as 36 mags! :o


This is very true. For load bearing stuff, you can hide more mags in a wasatch then you can in almost any other system out there. I've seen dudes at my local site who have 20 mags strapped to themselves and they don't really even think about it.


That's one of the reasons I use a weesatch; it's compact enough to be palatable and comfortable, but yet has that mag carrying capacity, especially since I use locaps and midcaps and frequently get into extended firefights.

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