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so, the USMC is replacing 2000 of the 8000 M249 SAWs we have for 4100 IARs (Infantry Automatic Rifles)

basically a lightweight support weapon similar in role design to the BAR, the USMC is currently testing deciding between a few different competitors.

here are the designs currently in the running:

























NO INFORMATION, but it is based off of the 416


so, in short... any ideas on how to make any of them? the USMC hasnt chosen one specifically yet, and thats what i want to make... until then, id like some ideas


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theirs a thread with the scar IAR pic on Military photos here it is: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showt...2005&page=6 post number 87 i believe. the Scar one looks easiest to make maybe the only thing you need to pu ton is something like http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?cPa...oducts_id=1615( not exactly), and some rail cover i think tango down is the brand they use? and what Crunchy said for the LWRC

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I almost built this. Only needed the MBK and a few other bits.


My basic kitlist was:


G&P SR-25K URX Front End (DuraCoated in FDE)

Magpul Rail Covers

Replica Grippod

G&P/Magpul PTS Receiver in FDE

Magpul PTS MIAD in Black

Replica CTR Stock in Black


As for optics, I would have used the ELCAN I wanted to buy from you, Joe, but that didn't quite work out.



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I hope the LWRC wins, the others are fugly.

well, we dont really adopt new rifles on looks... its about their effectiveness. and so far, the ultimax is sounding like the best choice. i doubt it will win though

anyway, vic, you are always starting unique AR projects... but never finishing them!

somebody needs to do this. i will build whatever wins, eventually


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The original post is incorrect. Ultimax = General Dynamics.


i tried to hint at that in my last post ;)



edit: Oh yea um theirs and updated pic of the Colt IAR as well as GD IAR, as well as some other goodies( a few pages back) here: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=143741

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it will be in 5.56. not 7.62... that is NOT what the weapon is made for. it is made to be a lightweight automatic suppression weapon, as an alternative to the SAW. the SAW will not be replaced, but SUPPLEMENTED with these weapons. they will feed off of standard 30 round m16 magazines.


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Okay, for those who are a bit confused on why the corps is replacing the m249 is mainly due to how slow it is to ready the system when fired on by the enemy. For regular rifleman, the bolt is already cocked and ready to fire, if not, easily cocked. If you think about it, a SAW needs to be ready almost if not quicker than the rest of the squad. A m249's bolt is kept open once cocked, making it easily filled with dust/debre(sp?). And since the m249 cannot fire immiately if they bolt is closed, unlike a regular AR, it is not a very convienent support weapon. The USMC has looked at this for quite a while and has finally decided to go with a IAR. Even though they are not completely replacing every single SAW(m249) they are just replacing those that are for priority missions(such as patrols, recon, etc).













PS. I am merely stating what I recall on an article I've recently read. I cannot, ATM, locate it, but once I do, I will fill in the blanks/correct some errors. Sorry if 90% of this is false.

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