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"Tears of the Sun" Lt. Waters' M4

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I'm planning on making this for my next project. This is what I'm thinking. Let me know what you think, and if anyone has done this project, let me know what you used and how it turned out.



CA M15 advanced retractable stock (b/c I don't really like plain jane LE stocks)

G&P Raider foregrip

G&G Carbon Visible Laser

Action Tactical flip rear sight

G&P Aimpoint with cantilever mount

TGS PVS-14 4x scope


That's pretty much. Pretty simple project, but I think that's what I like about it. Let me know what you think.




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He doesn't have a BUIS, its the LaRue Tactical detachable mount for the PVS-14. The mount on the front is more similar to the STAR's D-LAP. The vert grip is a Knights Armament Co. Verticle Foregrip. He has the original M4 collapsable stock, not the LE one.


He also mounts his aimpoints backwards. Are you going to do that too?

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He has a BUIS and it's not a LaRue Tactical detachable mount.

He's using a GG&G A2 BUIS pre 2008 of course and also a GG&G QD PVS14 High Mount.

I know because I have nearly finished my Waters outfit and those 2 Parts are the only parts missing on the AEG.

For Gear I would still need the BHI Nnone Locking Carbine and the Emerson Nylon Sheath because I let me forge a Kandahar

from another smith as the real one couldn't be found. But for you in the US it shouldn't be a huge problem to get to that stuff.

In the Front really is an OTAL which is the same as the D-Lap.


I took for my Waters M4:


WGC Custom M4 RIS

King Arms Folding Battle Rear Sight (closest you can get as Airsoft Replica, will be changed with GG&G if I somehow get one to Europe)

RS Aimpoint Comp M2 with G&P Cantilever Mount (for me it works and doesn't need to be RS)

Star D-Lap

CA Original M4 Stock

modified Battery Sling to 2-Point Sling (most likely will change for a LiPo in the Buffer Tube and a normal 2 Point)

Guarder Six Position Carbine Stock Pad




GG&G QD PVS14 High Mount


For night games I'm using my D300 Gen 2+ but I' ll make the configuration he's using during the day, as I don't want to change the nvg.

It's very hard to get to a ATN NQ-6015/PVS14 in Europe, especially legal.

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Thanks for the input. I didn't realize that about the sight. I don't really like the normal LE stock, so I'm using a little creative license there. As for the aimpoint, I am planning on mounting it backwards, I actually already do that with my current set up. And again, creative license with the vert grip. Appreciate the input though, definitely is doing some good! P.S. Hey falcon, you think you could shoot some pics of your Waters setup my way? That'd be sweet!

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Sorry but until Christmas it's not possible.

I'm in India right now for commissioning a forging line.


wow that sounds important. well if you get a chance. mine won't be done until next spring...anyway, thanks for input.

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M4 RIS, Aimpoint etc..


Guarder rubber stock pad,

Kingarms Matech battle site, (not the one in the film but I couldn't find anything even close)

Kingarms Z cantilever mount,

Star QD RIS intensive lazer aiming system (D lap)

3 point battery sling (modded to a two point)


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As ellis answered I remembered it was also a King Arms Canti I've used. Surprisingly I can't put my AP inversed in it like on ellis Foto. But it looks nearly the same. If you still want I'll try to take some good pictures when I'm home. Just hope the thread won't be too many pages away so I can remember. ;)

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appreciate the input. i'm not really trying to make it perfect, just a close rendition with a little of my own flare. i like the simplicity of it. i think i'm going to go with like a 2 cell lipo in the stock tube. i don't really care for battery slings. any recommendations for which base m4 to use? i was thinking CA but what do you guys think?

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As promised, pics of mine. It was a little foggy here, so I wasn't able to make pics with good light, just with flash. Sorry for that.







Still need an Emerson Nylon Sheath for the Kandahar Replica. (I let a swiss smith forge one for me, didn't become that accurate, but it's at least close to it.)

So if some nice american could help me get one I'd appreciate it. :)


Also I still need a GG&G BUIS pre 2008 Style and a GG&G High PVS 14 QD Mount. The Blackhawk None Locking Carbine should be on the way (since June -_-).


€dit: Forgot the Headset and the Radio. It's on my other gear I was playing with that weekend.

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