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The Doodle Thread

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So I thought it would be cool to start a "doodle thread" here. It doesn't have to be serious; you can just throw in something crazy and illogical at any point. It doesn't have to make any sense. Go where you want with this. I figure that enough people here have tablets and things that we can get some good doodle posts going.


If not, then, oh well.


I have to kick things off I suppose




Ghost Fight

Photoshop CS3

Bamboo Tablet

Mac OSX 10.5.5

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Yeah, both of them are tablet-made. The first I drew about an hour after using a tablet for the very first time; it is a little weird at first, but very easy to get into.


Amazon has great tablets (I recommend the Bamboo Small tablet) in the $40 to $80 dollar range.


I'll try do do some more "military-themed" stuff this week. The above drawings were just minor doodles. I'm up for requests, too.

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kinda did this in class today i was making a bunch of squares to make it look like i was doing work, then i got into it and thought it'd look good as an explosion.


i really like your style render. any tips on your process and tools?

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You got the power to weight ratio wrong. It would have about 94hp per ton at that power and weight. You'd need 200000hp for a power to weight ration of 1250hp per ton...


I shall apologise now for being a *rickroll* :D


Lol, you are right. I got lazy in my viscom class plus I figured that none of the other designers would recognized that the specs are ripped from an M1A2 Abrams MBT :P

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