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I think it's telling that none of the magnets are actually on the lower reciever.They are attached to the bolts that go through the receiver & all external controls & fixtures.Cheap steel recievers are available though for additional expense.


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Hum, here are the pics i am talking about:




As rolling-thunder said - Look closely, you'll notice the magnets are on just about everything other than the lower receiver :P I've got the kalash AKS74 which is very similar.

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I've just done a check on my Unicorn AKS74U & the lower reciever on that gun is full steel.I also bought a full steel reciever from RSOV which is on my AK.



As you can see from the above picture,it doesn't take much to make a real steel AK reciever.I would have thought the processes for making a pot metal reciever were more complicated?

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I went through another 300ish rounds last night and i have encountered my first "problem"


when i went to change mags i noticed that there was a stick of metal flopping out of the receiver and i thought "oh, that cant be good". I look and find the pin has popped loose just behind the mag well. When the pin popped loose it cause a tension spring to stop holding the random piece of metal in place. Having a long history with vulgar words and frustration with tension springs i decided i will take it to to the local gas guy to put it all back in place.


In the mean time i ripped the bolt out to get a better view and checked the functionality of the selector and hammer. all seemed to still work fine and in trying to figure out what this mystery part does i was able to get it to lock the bolt open when i depressed it against the trigger assembly (it looks like it was designed that way, not a durrr, lets throw this into the gears and see what happens).


Now this could possibly mean that this piece is a bolt lock so when its out of ammo it stops firing because this piece was never in place right but since i dont have a manual i cant confirm. It could also be a mundane function in the blow back i could not figure out.


Deciding i wanted to press my lock i flopped the piece of metal back into the mag well (it rotates on that pin that came loose) and put the mag back into the gun and decided to see if it would still work. I cycled the bolt a few times without pulling the trigger and no hiccups so i set it to semi and pulled the trigger. the gun cycles perfectly fine still. Set the gun to full auto and it works like i took it out of the box, which is great.


This leaves me a little confused but happy. I looked for wear related to the piece of metal no longer being taught via tension spring but found none. Maybe once the gas guy gives it a good look over he can make sense of it


Also, the chrono i was using turned out to be broken so please ignore any results fps wise, i think the fps may turn out much more consistent then planned as in semi was able to get a 1.5" grouping at 39ft

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It turns out this was already loose even when i first took it apart for the review!





look at the lower right corner of the magwell and then drift back and you will see the piece of metal pointing down out of the mag well and the loose tension spring flopping about. this thing has probably been loose since i got the gun!


edit: its the small sliver of metal, not the fatter piece

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I think it's telling that none of the magnets are actually on the lower reciever.They are attached to the bolts that go through the receiver & all external controls & fixtures.Cheap steel recievers are available though for additional expense.


Uhh what? So suddenly the RK01 full steel version does not have a steel receiver? Hoo boy.


*takes pic*




I didn't attach those magnet rods with glue, eh? :P


To clarify, there are only 3 external parts on the RK01 full steel version, that is not steel:


- trigger

- outer barrel

- that big pin thingy that the front sight post threads into


Everything else is steel. Tough, attracts magnets, rusts, etc.

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Well i did some ranging this morning and i can tell you that with .2 g&g i was reaching out a little farther then a tm was. on a hot summer day instead of snow i am sure the range would push well beyond that.


In semi auto i could easily pick off human sized targets at max range of this gun in the freezing cold. The range was consistant and the accuracy is directly comparable to your average stock aeg. toss a tightbore and a new hopup bucking and i am sure it could be improved even more.


Full auto spread is nothing like an aeg on full auto. At the max range of this gun in full auto the spread was far apart, i am guessing 3-4 feet on the x axis and about 4-5 on the y axis. I would say the reason for the huge change between semi and auto is because of two features. the first is that this is a gas blow back gun. the gun shakes, this will affect your accuracy. this is entirely the reason for the side to side as it doesnt have nearly that much in semi, about 1ft at max range. The reason for the vertical change being slightly bigger then the side to side is because the full auto results in slightly inconsistant fps. some of the shots barely reach out where others are about a straight line when they go into my woods. it could be the gun or it could be the fact that i am shooting a gas gun below freezing temperatures. i guess i wont know that answer for sure until spring.


These mags also suffer from massive cool down issues due to the fact that they are plastic. i can dump an entire mag in full auto like i said but if i keep going until the gun about wont cycle and i sit down and wait 20 minutes and plug the same mag back in it will cycle like it is full again. I suspect you could easily dump 2 mags in full auto per magazine if you allowed 10-20 minutes before firing it again. If you have multiple mags this could easily work to your advantage so i suggest if you get this gun you get an extra mag or two like i did.


Would i recommend this gun? Without a doubt. I have had no operational problems with this gun about a 1,000 rounds in on propane currently. It may be the only gbb ak on the market but for the price, preformance and reliability it would easily go toe to toe with any of the other gbb rifles currently in production, especially in its price range

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