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Though, the selector switch is a bit loose, how do i tighten it?

If the selector is still attached like the normal AEG, you just tighten the bolt holding the selector with some pliers. And some cloth or something to protect the bolt from scratches (personally I don't bother/care).

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Does the selector seem less smooth now?


If you tightened the selector bolt too much, you might have caused the selector half-gears to skip some teeth and cause badness. Happened to one of my Kalash AKs.


That, or the safety has somehow borked. Since the gun shifts from safe directly to full auto, a broken safety would cause full auto even with the safety on.

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I was getting towards i heard that but being that this is something new on the market, i wanted to go over it head to toe in case some changes had been made. Soon i will run out of external parts to ramble about though and it will be time for the real fun stuff, like what happens after you let the first snow fall cover your mag and then you try and shoot it :)


Can anyone confirm my hunch about the serial numbers?




I dont think they have different serial numbers...my dad owns one hes had it for about 2 weeks know and his serial number is 051121 on the reciever.

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Mine just encountered its first problem :(


The piston has sheared in half. In watching the motions carefully i think it was caused by bad design more then bad product. The trigger is reset by the bolt moving back but as the trigger locks back it pops up right after it locks down. When its popping up i suspect (i dont have a slow motion camera and a clear receiver to prove it) its striking the bottom of the piston as the piston is perfectly exposed for that to happen. When to mix that knocking and gas so cold it can spew out still in liquid form right onto piston which is made of plastic...well i am not surprised this happened.



I have emailed ra tech to see if they can do anything about it :(







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Ra-tech sent me an email back already they are shipping me a replacement part for $10 which I suspect does little more then pay for shipping on the other end.


Looking to avoid a repeat of the situation via plastic failure I am looking for anyone with machining skills to build a replacement part out of metal. If you have metal skills and are willing to take on the task let me know and we can talk price for it.

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biggest issue I can see with these is potential weakness of the bolt - the blow back cylinder cast into it has three prongs to keep the piston centred at extreme of its expansion. Trouble is the prongs are tiny and the material being pot metal means they're fragile. If one of the lower two snaps off then at full stroke the piston can drop out of alignment with the chamber, at which point the return spring will try to drive the bolt forward and the whole lot will lock up


other than that gas consumption might be quite costly. The gas reservoir is in the form of two tubes inside the mag and either one of these alone cant be far off the volume of a KWC Uzi mag's gas reservoir. How many rounds are folks getting off of a single fill? eg is it a mags worth or is there gas to spare for a second fill of BBs?




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