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Is that the TM Spas ? what are they like iv been looking around for reviews on them but there dosent seem to be any i think its either going to be the TM spas or AK47 for my first proper airsoft gun two very different guns i know :P


added : Iv just seen a thread saying the TM spas with stock is discontinued but UN Company are selling them is the site out of date or are they still produced

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same power as the Benelli, but slightly more awkward to handle. You can get the stock seperate and put it on yourself, it's not that hard. Planning on getting "Something " else to make it a little "Unique" ;)

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my god led pocket that m870 is sexy, thinking about getting one myself, you had a chance to fire it, im guessing not as you said almost functional, how does it feel in the hand, hmm pretty sure i will get one ;p


It's nice looking and fun to rack. The gas system is almost operative. It was a project another member gave up on, and I'm trying to get co2 working. I'm close (I think) but need to scrounge up a heavier hammer spring.


When I'm done with it, it will look as close to this: (as I can get it)







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That's actually a Mossberg *cough cough* ;)


I should have some 870 pics in my gallery, I miss that gun.


Really? *arrrhem* Notice the mossberg grip adapted to the ca870 (a replica remington) ;) But thanks for clearing that up for some of the guys who might not know. LOL.


Aside from using a remington base to make a copy of a mossberg, I'm going for the serbu conversion :)


Once again antagon, your keen eye finds the non-realistic aspect to my plan. But I really wanted shell ejection and I don't think the marushin mossberg uses shells. Pretty much stuck with a maruzen, I think.

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Im wanting a gas shottie. A large one to use as my main gun. I'm looking at either an 870 or m1100. Is one better than the other? How many bbs at one time are shot? About how much power is there? Just wandering as I've never heard much about them.


Range is not a problem because it will be mostly for recon and stuff like that.



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Easily obtained info, but I'll post it anyways.


870 - shell ejecting, pump action, 1-10bbs per shell. FPS is low, sound is pathetic. Extensive external power mods, along with hammer/valve mods are needed to make it a feared gun.

1100 - shell ejecting, semi auto, 1-10bbs per shell. FPS is up there around 300, sounds awesome. Weak-ish internals, known to wear down in time when using green gas.


Led, don't worry about the trucks, worry more about my makeshift grenades! (C4 taped to turtles)



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yikes, turtle gernades...


well here is the latest pic of my m870 :(


I'm learning a lot about what a pain they are to take down. (CH, if you're reading this, feel good that the internal were pretty shot) Needs a few o-rings that look special and definitely a new spring or 2.


But I did find some cool 500psi tubing to use on it :)




its pretty short at moment ;)

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blimey ledpocket, you've gone to work on that old 870 of mine and no mistake! Glad the internals were shot to bits- I sort of miss having it around, though :(


might get another one at some point and just leave it stock for CQB.


PS: reccomendations for people contemplating an m80 or an m1100- use TM .12g bbs in it, and you'll find it rapidly becomes a much more viable gun.


I found between 3-4 in a shell was about right, with 5 being too many.


My major irritation with the 870 was the inconsistency of the green gas- if it hadn't been for this, I'd have kept it stock, and not attempted the C02 upgrade. however, a weapon that is primarily an entry weapon, that is also woefully inconsistent just ain't much good- you cannot guarantee, one shot to the next, whether you're bbs will even make it past 5 foot, let alone reach your target.


So, If I do get another one, it'll be when I've got some spare cash lying around and I want to really go to town on it and skimp on nothing- then I'll turn it into a co2 shotgun :)


PS- Rhino- does that front pistol grip actually enable you to rack the slide? I'd be terrified of ripping the damn thing off- looks manly though :)

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