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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Hey Vicks, put a pic up of the Benelli when you've got the pistol-grip on. Always wanted to see a Resident Evil 3 type Benelli (and before anyone starts saying "It was a sawn-off shorty version in RE:3", then why does it hold seven shells in the game... Hmmm?)

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Hi guys nice shotties here


I'm working on a lill spas project myself :)


First part is done (mounted a red-dot)







next steps are the smokey spas foregrip (like Rhino: im a big fan of you spas man!!!), probably fixed real steel stock & an airbrush to full metallic black.

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Here you go rhino, sorry for taking so long, actaully took these at 11 tis morning but then had to go and finish making my bed (ask if you really want to now, you can even have pics if you want) and have only just been able to post them for you




This one was for fun, and i like it, pity about the rubbish cam



Also here are what i plan on doing with a flash light, just using a poor bulb here to demosrate what i have planned






Edit: yes i know i have a lot of rubbish, and yes i know that my floor isnt decorated, like the rest of my room.

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Vicks, you can buy taclites with pressure switches off Ebay. I bought mine for my SPAS and then bought a Classic Army Universal mount (had to swap the screws as the ones supplied were a little short), but as you know it's now clamped firmly onto the magazine tube.

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Yea, i might get the stock, but i like it the way it is atm, and as rhino said i can be the shotgun out of RE3, so might keep it as such. Plus getting a gp stock is gonna be a ****** because have to order it from usa or hk, and i just know they will hit me for everything they have VAT, import duties etc etc.

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well as this is "shotguns images"....



here is our "gunsmith" with his new ithaca feather light, his reward for so many upgrades, custom work and much more, just our tribute to his ART.


here in a comparation with his m37 and my ca870, the thing in his mouth is just the clip from my ca870





one of our members, in the most "deep american one" look that we could think about (american one and disturbed?? come on man!! it is just a joke, he is not saying "keep off from my van!!") and YES it is a true spec baseball cap

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Guys, this is so cool. The wood effect is extremely good as you can see. If it had a grain I wouldn't have been surprised when I first saw it, this was the only thing that held the T2 version back from being the ultimate shotgun.


I believe I have now found it in this baby, it's freakin' goddamned muthalovin' sweet.


I'm a bit smitten, as you can see :wub:

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