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Well, in the end reliability is really quite subjective. Marushin Mossberg is definitely not AEG-like reliable, in "Stick in the mag and start shooting" manner. It has few quirks which make the gun unsuitable for average woodland skirmisher, in my opinion. Most notable being gas fill & bleed valves (break easily, make sure you buy a good supply of those for spares), loading nozzles (which occasionally jumps off it´s carrier) and pump rods (breaks if you cock the gun too violently).


Personally I skirmish with this gun maybe once or twice per season and only in my team´s urban site. I really don´t mind about the quirks, since I know now to prepare for them. But someone used to, say, Marui shotties, might be disappointed.


Mine is one of the last batch ever made 6mm versions and the firing sound with Green Gas is surprisingly long, sharp and loud "Ptssaakhhh!". Very pleasing! Don´t know about the 8mm version, though.

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Vektor, how many shots do you get out of each gas fill with your 6mm M500?


Last time I skirmished, I was able to empty two of the three magazine "rods" with one charge of Green Gas. So that makes about 30-35 shots per charge. Weather at that day was about +15C. I also tried the gun once in 0C weather, and Green Gas produced only about a rod and a half worth of power. Haven´t tried HFC134a yet.


For those who are not familiar with the gun, Marushin Mossberg has three separate magazine "rods" inside magazine tube, with each holding about 50 6mm BBs. Once you run out of ammo, you just rotate a new rod to chamber and you have 50 more shots to go.

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extend shell tube = greater capacity. why extend the barrel? its a shotgun, its SUPPOSED to be mildy inaccurate!




i am SOOO late. o.0


anyway, nice SPAS enzo, wanna donate it to me as mine was stolen?

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