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Shotgun Picture Thread

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my m3 shorty/ ca870 hybrid.


gotta machine a new bolt to keep it in place but otherwise pretty much an evenings work complete.


lol can see bits of filed plastic around it




(yeah i know i lost the thighy on the bolt. send me one in the post pls)

spotted sum tightend barrels at wgc. where's my credit card???


nice! how much of a pain in the *albartroth* was the 870 stock to fit mate?

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Here is my new shotgun :

Maruzen M1100 Defender custom (+stock and revision handguard)



A shame the first owner lost the 3bb per shot adapter, i'll have trouble finding it...


I think i'm going to buy the wood kit and sell the stock and the revision handguard :)

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Yes, it is the shell holder for forearm. I do use this thing, it works better than the belt with shell holder, especially if You are wearing full gear :)




And (or) if You are in small area, it is easier to find the shells, You can easilly see them and check Your ammo status, then if You are using regular shell holding belts... ;)







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Hitman: those M1s90 Practical shooting are friggin' hot, I'd like to make a "M3 practical shooting" by adding some bbl lenght, correct sights and regular stock, but that's hard to find, expensive, and hard to modify...

Harry and Vietnammarine, even if they are almost as different as two shotties can be, those are easily in my favourites!

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each to their own. i love it.


only way before to have a full stock shottie was to buy a gas one where u have to pick up them *fruitcage*ing shells after every shot.


how annoying is that in a skirmish???


at least now i can get 10 shots off before swapping with another shell.

and no gas required.


much better IMO.

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