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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Shes not that hot....


I believe you choose a negative becuase it hides things well. Less colors and depth.


Lol, :) unduly harsh perhaps ... only a positive photo will show.


Female and holding a gun is enough for some.

[as a trip to the down-right nasty www.Gunchicks.com would prove (p.s. prolly NOT suitable to view at work or if you have any taste)].

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THANKS!!!! Gonna order one when i have a bit more money as for now these sites go into the favs list, It's gas?? where the hell do you put the gas, had a look on taht review but it doesn't say, or atleast i missed it if it did.


also do you know anywhere you can get more shells?



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:o where can i get one of those mad max esq shotguns !!!!!! then all i need is a really bad limp, a fast car, and an eyepatch , oh and load of leather mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Bad limp: check (end of MM1).

Fast car: check (MM1).

Leather: check (MM all).


I don't recall the eyepatch though ... remind me ...

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Its a simple as this, put a shell in the bottom (has 30 bb's in it) 3 bb's are fired every shot, you cock the gun and fire 10 times, and then when your out of bb's in a shell, take the shell out, and replace with a loaded one!

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Only for his eye to mysteriously re-grow in the 3rd one?...


I think there is some kind of confusion with Snake Plissken here B)

Bought I copy of MM3 on dvd a few months ago ... and max definitely has two eyes in that + has been a few years since I've seen the first 2. Still if it's a magic regrowing eye, then that's different ;)


As for confusing Snake with Max, I assure you that is not the case, besides Snake wears more lycra than leather (at least in EfNY). :D



He does have to wear and eye patch in the 2nd one but don't think he loses it



look about half way down the page i don't believe the bit about the pupil and that but it does say he messes his eye up.

Nice link, cheers for that :D (if I could +1 rep you, I would ...) :D

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