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i know that it looks b-e-a-utiful. and the functioning hammer looks nice :D


i should imagine the performance is on a par with their 870s...especially since with tanakas its really the shells that are doing the work, and as it uses the same shells it should be the same as the 870

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My new puppy...








Stock IS wood. Made it myself out of an old shelf and 3 £1 wood files. The gun is a JT3A "Shorty" Benelli M3 clone. Mods are custom heatshield, painted front and rear sights (enamel model paint), cleaned the silver off the ejection port cover (to make it more rugged looking), G&P 22 round CA870 "Short" magazines (slight mod to fit) and of course, the stock (the secret being the rubber shock absorber on the end of the stock is actually the rubber off an old slipper :)

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it's actually quite comfy. I used an old full stocked CYMA shottie (think M500 lookalike) as a reference. Did 3 (first 2 had teething probs with) but the 3rd finally worked. Replaced the standard screw with some threadbar and locking nuts. Holds the whole stock onto the shottie very well. Only drawback is that the wood is slightly rough feeling. Apart from that, it feels very comfortable when placed against the cheek (and also the shoulder with the "Slipper rubber" shock absorber)

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New and old mixed to get that oh so familiar... 'we-couldnt-afford-new-tactical-shotguns-but-we-bought-some-of-those-superdupercool-SpeedStocks-for-you-however-we-might-be-able-to-afford-them-next-year'-feeling to it.


Nice looking shotty B)

Is the forestock a real steel wood type?

As i own a G&P 870 and would like to know if real wood stocks fit them?

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It is RS Remington M870 Police wood. And yes, with a little bit love and some work it fit. What you need to do is to dremel a bit of the wood grip so that the pump-arms (or what the h*ck they are called, fits the wood. Since RS and AS differs a bit). I had a G&P ABS grip next to mine and I just tried to replicate that, makes it a lot easier when you can see what needs to be done to make it fit.

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Thats it im off to the local gun store to buy a forestock and butt stock for me G&P 870 magnum :P .

Hope they do them in Rosewood :unsure: ?


Tried painting the original ones but they never did look right :(


Whilst dreaming of all things shottyish, has anyone ever done an extended mag custom job on a KTW M37? now that would be nice :D

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