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IMO it would look a bit better with one of the G&P front grips with a torch built into it but hey it still looks pretty good. how hard was the mag conversion to do?


It's easy as pie, I did one for my JT-3 before the cylinder gave up the ghost.

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the magwell fix is easy, take the lower off, put wedge of tape, reassemble, presto, mags fit. looks the same, costs nothing, makes them look SO much sexyer than silly extended mags >< mags on a shotgun = not cricket...



That dosen't sound like how I had to do mine. My short mag had to have a little bit on the front filed down so that it would fit

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That's how i did mine (straightforward really) Main things to do is to cut off the small bit on the front of the G&P CA870 shorty mags and when modding the gun to take the mag, make sure there's a space for the back of the magazine to fit into the magazine well of the shottie.

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So far I'm happy-


A couple of complaints however:


-The 'Stainless' finish is way to easy to scratch- It had scratches on it when I pulled it out of the box :(


-Shoots well, I still don't have a proper chrono- but it punctured the bottom of the proverbial can....a Murphy's Irish Stout can to be precise, from 5 feet. I have read reports of 230-240 fps on a French site, this seems stronger than that.


-Faux Wood is...meh <_< There are two thumb prints in the painted finish...Obviously they didn't follow my guide!

hmmm That reminds me I need to finish the 'plastics' section :o


-The front and rear sights are plastic and not very well done- excess plastic 'flashing' on seams. Definitely want the bb bead front sight.




I'm not sure if she is really a candidate for the 'battle-worn' look honestly- to shiny. I'm going to try to stainless polish and buffing cream to see if I can smooth the scratches out. Then I am going to probably get the real-steel vented handguard and possibly the pistol grip and maybe a cool pistol grip front pump grip I saw- not sure yet. Either way, this plastic wood has to go.



Shamless plug ;)

M500 Review

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How much did it cost and where? Looks nice, post some pix when you put on youre real steel parts :)



Cheers, it was right at $100 + express shipping to my door in 2 days over the weekend from my favourite HK Retailer of course, Boomarms :)


What is that, like 13 Pounds for you guys? :lol:



For the real-steel accessories I just have to run down to my local Gun Store....You know, the ones that are on every corner here in the US, just across the street from McDonalds, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart just like all the cliches about America say! :P





:o Come to think of it......


There is a gun store about 2 miles from here...but its in a strip mall.


...next to the Liquor store ;)






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Some of you are gonna hate me most likely (or already have for ages :P )


but he stainless got the best of me already....



Today @ 5:00PM:





This evening @ 6:30:



BTW, this will likely be the only 'in progress' images I ever publish :P


On it's way to this w/o long mag tube of course-









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