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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Thanks for your comments guys :)


Yeah I guess they are kinda like teaser shots. I'll take a few of the whole thing later and post them up. I agree adding an aimpoint just makes it look even better..to come :)


Anyone know if there are tactical lamp grips for the G&P CA870 Shorty CQB available on the market?



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Ok...well I think I'm 99% done :D


I spent all day 'experimenting' trying to perfect a 'blued' finish, I wanted to get pictures done and I was losing light, so I didn't get a chance to get the front bead sight on and the vented handguard completely attached, it takes some screws on the front end to lash it down, although its pretty secured as it is.


I was originally going to stick with the 'matte' parkerized finish, but the vented handguard screamed "No!" and I wanted to try the blued effect anyway, so......






To recap...




Original Saturday Night Pimp finish :P





'Matte' parkerized effect using Rustoleum Auto Primer





'Blued' finish using Rustoleum Black metallic enamel and a light top coat of dark blue Krylon










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Lovely shotguns man. I want one now. Nice "blued" effect there as well, really looks real deal. I'd have to say the full stock looks best. Not only is it more beefy, but it gives it a realistic feel. I think that if your front-grip (excuse my ignorance in terminology) wasn't wood, and was some sort of black rubber that matched the pistol grip, then I'd say the pistol grip would look more 'tacticool'.

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Thanks for the kind comments guys!


Actually, I've decided to stick with the full stock, I may apply some 'rubberizing' black paint to the stock and front grip, we'll see.


I decided that a pistol grip and folding stock looks better on an 870 Remmie, so if I decide I need that I'll get a Tanaka ;)







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