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Shotgun Picture Thread

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what is the ris for? ive never seen anyone use it. maybe if it was used, like with a vertical grip, light, laser, etc. but it is pointlessly empty...



i do have a vert grip and light. but i decided not to put it on as it looks much better w.o



vic- ill try to get some better pics over the weekend.




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Very cool! More than cool, ice cold even :lol:


I've been pondering a M870 for a while now but I'm not sure if I should go for the Maruzen or the Tanaka. Both are a little off in terms of being sized to real steel spec., and after a metal body and barrel upgrade on the Maruzen it would be about the same price as a Tanaka before the cost of shells.


I know that in stock form they are both relatively weak in power but both can be modded for more skirmishable power (KWC CO2 rig and 0.12s for the Maruzen, shortening the valve springs in the shells and dremeling/filing the 4 gas release ports in the shells into 2 for the Tanaka).



So I guess I'm a little stuck on which to buy... reliability wise the Maruzen seems like the better choice, since it seems just about every screw in the barrel and receiver assembly in the Tanaka needs to be replaced to keep it from jamming up constantly. Plus I've heard lots of stories about the Tanaka shells blowing out o-rings, the firing pins breaking within a few hundred rounds, and a few other nasty things as well.


So I'm really leaning towards the Maruzen at this point, I just wish I could find a way to hollow out a real steel 870 wood stock to accept a KWC CO2 unit while still keeping the butt plate secure yet easily removable for changing the CO2 cartridge. Whichever shotgun I get I'm hoping to give it a nice makeover to turn it into an old school 70's-80's style 870 Police Magnum with a wood stock and foregrip.


Any thoughts on this one fellow shotgun lovers?

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I don't know how I feel about those shotgun Donut. They look pretty good, but one is silenced, more CQB-ish but it has a full stock. And the other looks like it was made for range, but it has the shorter M4 stock.


If you got the time, try switching the stocks. I think it might look a bit better. But that is just my opinion.

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I have Maruzen and Tanaka shotties.


I love the shell ejecting-ness but I worry about loosing the shells.

The Tanaka is really nice. The paint is rubbish but the trigger is lovely and so far I have fitted RS stock, sling loops and safety to it.

I was a but peeved about the grip not fitting but I have used it in a cqb environment (with solid stock and 18" barrel) and it was just awesome.


The action is much nicer than the maruzen but the fore grip is a bit wobbly (is it like that on the RS? I have only fire semi auto shotguns).


I can forsee some problems, if something goes wrong inside the gun I can't work out how to get the action bars, barrel and bolt out.

The ejector is in two bits and screws together, tanaka didn't put any thread lock on it and mine came apart.


All that said, I love it. Sometimes I just walk around the house holding it and dry firing it.

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It is a little problem.

You don't notice it unless you are looking for it.

I put a dab of superglue on it and it sorted it right out.


It is the barrel and the mag tube that wobble, the whole thing where it meets the receiver.


Hmm, you think it could be fixed with some epoxy?

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