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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Or you can move to britian and only wait 2 years


Enough of this.


Despite the many rep points I have recently recieved for pimping my sister over the internet, I realise it is my duty to do something to safeguard her from crazed people such as yourselves.


I hereby promise to own you all in the face with my M3 if ever we meet :)


w00t!! :P

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I thought about it, but feel I'd be wasting the money seeing that I don't need/want the VFC outer barrel and mag tube. I just put an order in at WGC for a Maruzen, seeing that the only three decent retailers that carry them in the US are out of stock. If I can't live with the stock body, I'll pick up the G&P version. Upgraded springs are cheap too.

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damn you skyler, thats my g34!!!!


oh, wait, I sold it to you, sorry :)


manly shotgun, well done that man.


And led's collection of boomsticks are rapidly reaching the legendary stage, the swine :)



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