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Heavy Airsoft Gear: PKM Xmas promotion

Update from Heavy Airsoft Gear, courtesy of Krzysiek:


Hello Guys,


I'd like to inform you about our new promotion in Heavy Airsoft Gear. Now our PKM cost only 670 Euro. But in this promotion is only 6 pcs. Please check our new photos from production.


Interesting. 6 pieces only? Looks like a good collector item.

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FIDO: That picture has SA-INT written all over it ;) Cool stuff.


I don't think anything was more fun (par blasting away some M72's) than rip through a full belt of blanks from hip during my time in FDF :)


Trasher: That's why I chose A&K M249 for my Asahi Bushmaster guts. If something gets in my way its rather easy to mill away with simple tools. Gun grade steel isn't that fun.

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Nice piece! :)


FIDO, I think I'm gonna drop you a PM with some questions.

sure, no problem


thanks korppi :D

i look a bit tired on that pic...

it was the first game with the PKM...game started and i lugged it around for 2 f**** hours..it was HOT and the game was in some hills..steeeeep hills


in the end i lost all my teammates...

and then i saw a patrol coming through the wood...


i get into position, pull the trigger and wrzzzz...seems like somebody forgot to charge the battery <_<

of course they got me until i pulled ut my 2nd batt :rolleyes:

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I'm putting together a PKM from real and custom-made parts. With 70% of the parts I need, it's cost me around $500 including the gearbox. I can understand the labor being costly as well... 670 Euros is ok. The previous price was not.


That said, unless it's made mostly out of real parts it's not worth the expense, especially not when they've messed up such crucial dimensions as the op rod cover and the barrel profile, as well as the barrel trunnion attachment point.

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Well, I got my donor for less than 700 euros... In the end it will cost me around 1000-1100 eur, I think.


I would say the HAG PKM is a nice effort if you are building your own homemade PKM from scratch, but not as a limited run, unauthentic AEG for 670eur.


Unfortunately, we won't see a realistic PKM replica until one of the more serious manufacturers (Inokatsu? VFC? Realsword?) make one.

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