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Airsoft Day @ TRP "Star wars" themed

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So all they have done is stuck up two signs saying 'Imperial' and 'Rebel'.


Sorry but this is a really poor themed day, you didn't even have ewoks or a Imperial shield Bunker to destroy. To be honest the only picture that makes it what i would call a Star Wars skirmish is the last one.


Next time have one side in olive drab with AK stye rifles and the others in black jackets and old black ww2 uniform, at least then it looks a little more Rebel group against Imperial defenders or similar.


Sorry but this is just fail.



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How was playing airsoft with a bunch of prepubescent kids?


I'm kind of glad the local airsoft communities have a +18 rule...

Quoted in agreeance. I can't stand playing with kids. I'm 15, and just fine with having to wait awhile to play with the big boys if it means I don't have to play with the majority of idiots my age.

I think there I a more pressing issue here, though. Did the old guy in the white tshirt play?

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I agree with what USMC said, if you can't stand playing with kids, then stop playing airsoft. Everyone wants to have fun. Stop being so uptight people, cmon...


But I agree, there really wasn't a theme at all there.


Although one time there was Mafia vs. LAPD and we had to deliver drugs to some of the referees to witn the game!



EDIT:The first picture is gonna gice me nightmares.


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