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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Base gun is the M870. Actually the adapter is the Cavalry Arms SS-870. The rail thing at the front is a piece from the Surefire M69 rail. Finished in desert sand with Magpul MIAD grip and M93 stock. If I had to guess with a Bobro VFG wrapped in 550 cord. With an EoTech of course.


Holds 3 shell in tube +1.


Drake of Magpul has one of these custom shotgun with an UBR on it; at Shot Show I seen it with the CTR stock. Both extremely hawt.


Why do I know all of this? I did my research on it and really want to build an airsoft version of it. But me being me I'm very picky and want the base shotgun to be the Maruzen M870 with external gas to be legal for play at my site. However the internals of the Maruzen M870 is apparently weaksauce on a HPA. So my desire continues.


PM heading your way.


Do I get a cookie? USPS preferred. :D

Was discussed a bit on page 23-24.

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Thanks :D


I didn't want to paint the lower half because when ever I cock it the pump would slowly begin to scrape paint off. It was kind of my own camo design :D also the orange isn't as shiney or as bright as it looks in the picture, it looks more like a "brown-orange" in person

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Ugly *Broomstick pickle* picture

In my opinion, just awful. Might fit your needs if you have some deformed arms or huge cheeks, but still: No.

The angle of the stock is to steep for any regular user, and it is a shortened model. Why someone needs a solid wooden stock on a shortened shotgun I do not know. If it was a folding stock or a SpeedFeed stock I would accept, but as it is now: why?

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Bando: I don't know which UK websites stock them and when they will come out in the UK.




well, that was a helpful answer then, wasnt it? bando asks for shotties available in the UK, and you keep trying to spam your way to 100 with that...


bando, landwarrior have them, showing in stock here, but they dont re-open until the 4th of jan :)


airsoft world have the wood version in stock too, here


hope that helps!

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but as it is now: why?


Because "Typewriter" made it.

He's widely known on these forums for taking a useless piece of *suitcase* and bolting it onto another piece of *suitcase*, making a giant piece of *suitcase*.

Extremely little practical thoughts go into his builds, more or less none are based on anything remotely realistic, and it generally just looks pants.


Just don't feed the troll, and let his frankenbeast piece of *suitcase* fade away into nothingness :)

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MODDAN, any chance you could post some pics with the SpeedFeed pistol grip buttstock attached to the M500? I'd really like to see what it looks like!

Ask, and thou shalt eventually receive.

Spending Christmas at ye olde parents home I finally picked up the SpeedFeed stock:




Marushin Mossberg M500, 6mm tri-shot

SpeedFeed III tactical stock

SureFire 623FA tactical light with red filter (really love this one!)

Uncle Mike's sling swivels

ELEY shotgun real steel 12ga shotgun shells


To do:

ATI DeLuxe heatshield with ghost ring sights (if i can find a store which ships to Sweden... <_< )

Switch the SpeedFeed III to a SpeedFeed I


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I found the internal interchangeability highly lacking on mine, practically no parts from the TM would fit well in the DE - or in the case of the barrel set actually work well once installed (was not feeding well). Shame really, since the DE M1014 do look, as noted above, very good externally.

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