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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Dunno how the hell you guys are getting hands on the XM26, one guy in Canada has his hands on one too, lol.


Guess releasing in December from one of the retailers.


I really want an APS again, but assuming PPS can't be compared can it? 1/2 of the cost.

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Am also interested how the PPS fares against the APS. I'd love one but only as a plinker and it's too much for that.


From local retailer that is PPS distributor here in Toronto,




Seems gun internals are pretty flaky, so assuming you'll need to upgrade the internals... wonder if the cost of upgrading the internals would equal the amount of just getting the APS? hah.

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I've seen some newer batch guns recently, namely the RIS and Pirate ones, they have some better quality parts which improves loading reliability, at least not as prone to "unexpected ghost loading" as mine. Their sliding block also look different but I guess they will still break under stress.


Not sure about the original 870 but some local retailers claim they have the newest batch that has same updated internals.

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Playing too much Fallout recently :P

Some drilling tapping lathing after...

Inspired by an actual product by JLP, which is a whole safety switch with enlarged FIRE side, shooter's finger automatically disengages safety when it's reaching for the trigger, but it's made for the APS 870 platform and does not fit my PPS, decided to make my own version with some leftover material.

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A mini update on my PPS XM-26, finally got the last parts. Installed a RS AR-15 pistol plug for when a AR is converted to  pistol and shoot 22lr caliber, also added a quick release sling swivel to the end. 





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