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Shotgun Picture Thread

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ill get pics of my ECHO/CAW M1014 and (almost complete) Super Shorty up ASAP.


this thread needs those 2 shotguns.


sorry Pulng, i didnt know you felt that strongly about it. but i was the first to say i liked it...

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Big thanks to Kalashnikov_kid for showing me it was possible, and Renegadecow for helping me find one for sale.   Another Denix coach gun conversion, this time using Goblin shells, to replace my Hwa

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Well, after a few months of work my winter project is finally complete :) There are a few other little things I plan on adding down the road, but for now I'm satisfied enough to call it complete!










Base Gun



Maruzen CA870 Sawed Off





Airsoft Externals



G&P Beast Type (Railed) M870 Metal Body w/ shortened top rail (to allow space for rear sight)

G&P Medium Length (16") CA870 Outer Barrel & Magazine Tube

ANGS CA870 Magazine Tube Extension

Dragon Red Aimpoint Micro T-1 Replica

G&P Short 22rd Magazine





Real Steel 870 Externals



Surefire 618FA Shotgun Forend Weaponlight (2008 Ver.) w/ Z10 Switch Blocker

Trijicon/Scattergun Tech 3-Dot Tritium Ghost Ring Sights

Speed Feed IV-S Stock

GG&G Single Point Sling Mount





Internal Upgrades



ANGS Ultimate 1 Joule Spring

ANGS Hop-4 Black Hopup Spring

Custom made adjustable hopup system

G&P Medium Length CA870 6.08mm Inner Barrel





Future Plans



Surefire P61 Flashlight Bulb

LaRue Tactical LT661 Low Profile Aimpoint Micro QD Mount (or an ACM replica, if one ever gets made)

ANGS Metal Bearing Spring Guide









Well there you have it! My winter project is complete! I do plan to add a few things in the future (see "Future Plans") but all in all I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out. :D

Looks fantastic, shoots great, and feels solid enough to beat someone to death with if you ran out of BBs. The pump action is smooth as silk (and it should be after spending 5 hours with a dremel tool modifying that Surefire forend to fit LOL), the Trijicon tritium dot sights work brilliantly in low light, and after a very brief range test I can safely say it shoots just as accurately as any stock Marui AEG and has a range of about 175 feet.

But the best part of all is just holding it, it's got that real steel feel all the way.

Shame I couldn't give you guys and gals higher resolution pictures, but photobucket puts a cap on file sizes for free users and I'd rather not shell out the money for a "premium" account... plus I was too lazy to start a new account elsewhere to upload it LOL


And oh yeah, before someone asks (and at least one person always does) all my custom builds are always available for sale should someone be able to meet my always reasonable asking price. For this one that price happens to be $755 paypal'd and shipped to anywhere in the mainland US, which is quite a discount off the retail price given the vast amount of real steel externals on this lovely beast.



Anyhoo, project complete! Can't wait for spring to come in 3 months so I can take my new baby out and do some skirmishing with it! :D

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nice Jin !


here 's mine, finally managed to pick her up from the UK last weekend after missing her since this summer :)






i'd like to have a stock custom made, but i need some info on how it works, some more detailed pictures would be welcome aswell, so if anyone has one, please, please, reply here or PM me...

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since i lost my shotgun, i kinda wanted another, but something different. i didnt want to start a new thread, but

does anyone think a pancor jackhammer is a possible shotgun to build?

im getting a lathe soon and all parts are possible to construct/source (except any real steal bits, there are only 2 actualy jackhammers in existance)

ive been looking at the plans and i have already worked out some of the specs along with how i wil get it to work....

im probably going to go for all metal (unlike the real thing) and have the magazine internal, but still have a removable magazine.

anyone have any thoughts?


i havnt started yet, im still thinking, and i may change my mind. but ever since delta force landwarrior. i loved the thing :D

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